Famous people with six fingers: 11 Famous People With 11 Fingers or Toes

11 Famous People With 11 Fingers or Toes

From Oprah Winfrey to Drew Carey to Anne Boleyn, here are the 11 famous people who were born with at least 11 un-cowardly digits.

I’m not one of those people captivated by deformities; I’d be no more likely to read Johnny Tremain if it were called Johnny Deformed. But over the past five years I have become captivated to the number 11. And that’s what’s led me to this list.

I dug deep into the bowels of the Internet to find these 11 famous people who are either confirmed to have (or strongly rumored to have) either 11 fingers or 11 toes. (Or, in some cases, 12 fingers or 12 toes. But we’ll assume their extra digits were not removed exactly simultaneous, thus at some point, each of them had 11.)

If nothing else, this list will be really useful if you ever find yourself in an Inigo Montoya or Monk vengeance scenario.

1 | Gemma Arterton

Gemma was born with an extra finger on each hand next to her pinky, and they were removed right away. Perhaps if she’d gotten to keep them they would’ve helped her even *more* as she dominates the “vaguely exotic” actress niche.

2 | Drew Carey

The mighty Internet claims that Drew Carey says in his autobiography that he was born with an 11th toe. I decided not to read his entire book to confirm this and, instead, take the Internet’s word for it. Which I’m already regretting.

3 | Halle Berry

This is a case where maybe her foot sticks out so it looks like she’s got the nub of an extra pinky toe on there. She’s never confirmed or denied her 11th toe. If only I had a foot fetish, I’d have enough expertise to weigh in more definitively on the Halle Berry 11th toe debate. (I suppose a podiatry degree would get me there too. It’s a sign of spending far too much time online that my mind gravitated to foot fetish first.)

4 | Oprah Winfrey

According to TMZ, Oprah had an 11th toe… but had it removed a few years ago. If you’re the doctor there, how tempted are you to keep that toe? You know what it could bring in on eBay? Or in an elaborate phony kidnapping?

5 | Maria Sharapova

Maria has an extra toe on each foot. And when reporters asked her, she told them, “It is an old story in Russia… they are quite cute little piggies.” Based on the usual Maria Sharapova ratio, this means Anna Kournikova also has two extra toes that are slightly more attractive but way worse at tennis.

6 | Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff was born with an extra finger on each hand, but they were removed right away — such as not to get in the way of his jammin’. If you’re wondering, Jimmy Cliff is a legendary reggae musician (and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). You bald heads might know him from his cover of I Can See Clearly Now on the Cool Runnings soundtrack.

7 | Anne Boleyn

Why can’t you people just leave Anne Boleyn alone? I’ve seen various claims that she had 11 fingers, three breasts, and double fingernails. And, ya know, zero heads.

8 | Liam Gallagher

Yet another way he exceeded John Lennon.

9 | Antonio Alfonseca

Antonio Alfonseca was a relief pitcher for several Major League teams (Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Philadelphia and the team that bought the 1997 World Series). He had extra fingers on both hands AND extra toes on both feet. It’s hard to say if the extra finger helped him as a pitcher, but I suspect it did. After all, he was able to pitch effectively until he retired at age 35. (Which, being from the Dominican Republic, means he was at least in his mid 40s.)

10 | Kate Hudson

Like Halle Berry, she’s been spotted with what looks like a tiny 11th toe — and her 11th might even have a little baby nail. Whatever. This spot on the list came down to either Kate Hudson or Honey Boo Boo’s newborn niece with an extra thumb. I stand by the Kate Hudson pick.

11 | Taye Diggs

In an interview, Taye Diggs admitted he was born with an extra finger on each hand and they were removed when he was a kid. What a shame. If only he’d kept them, he would’ve been a full 20 percent more efficient in helping Stella get her groove back.

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celebrities who have six fingers in the feet

Kim Kardashian takes a number of days to be the protagonist of all sort of information; not solely has simply celebrated her fortieth birthday in fashion, however the many images that he has shared on his social networking accounts have been ‘revealed’ the key of the well-known influencer that has drawn lots of consideration: Kim appears to have six toes on one foot. What optical defect or deformity? None of the 2 issues: this anomaly is a genetic dysfunction known as polydactylyand when a human being is born with fingers ‘extra’ within the palms or ft. Often is detected on the time of the start, and although nobody is aware of its origin with accuracy, it’s identified that might be attributable to some kind of genetic dysfunction. In spite of every little thing, doesn’t normally have an effect on the well being of the individual. If the toe is annoying, the one therapy that exists is the surgical procedure.

The rumors that Kim Kardashian might have six toes on his left foot have turned to the sunshine. In these photographs, the ‘influencer’ poses for Another Magazine.

This anomaly is extra frequent in sure teams, such because the individuals of race n
egra, and impacts extra males than girls. The humorous factor about all these instances is that they seem to fingers, however in actuality that finger ‘extra’ just isn’t a bone to make use of as the opposite. Sometimes it’s introduced as a bit of sentimental tissue, different to the bone however no joints. In addition, as a curiosity added, the finger tends to be a part of one other finger.

Now, Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be the one well-known one which generates information due to their ft; furthermore, this isn’t the primary time that they had been talking of their alleged six fingers, or the primary time that he has needed to make clear that six fingers is nothing: it’s an optical impact attributable to the form of your foot.

Kim Kardashian mostrói photos of their ft to ‘disprove’ that had an additional digit.

Another who needed to face the rumors that had six toes on the foot was the actress Marylin Monroe. The actress started working as a mannequin earlier than discovering success in Hollywood, and their resting commonest had been in a showering swimsuit. In these images started to be observed that the younger man had a toe on her left foot. Now, there may be solely that take a look at, so that every one turned as a legend extra concerning the fable.

A city legend mentioned that Marilyn might have 6 toes on one foot, due to this picture from after I was 20 years outdated.

Kate Hudson is one other that has been rumored to might need six toes on the foot. The actress used to stroll in flip flops as traditional, and the form of their ft didn’t go unnoticed to the photographers or to their followers. However, she has by no means commented something on the topic. Rumors additionally depend on the highly effective Oprah Winfreythe queen of tv within the united States, which additionally appears to have this situation; as occurs to the actress Halle Berry.

However, all of them would have another malformation: a

or bunion a customizationthat is a deformation of bony, at the base of the little finger of the foot. This deformity can be painful for the sufferer, especially if it is inflamed, so that it is necessary to visit a podiatrist so that you can establish a diagnosis and to send a treatment if necessary.

Polydactyly Common, Treatable & Famous

I do not mean to pry, but you don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?” Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride.

The swashbuckling character Inigo Montoya in the princess bride made the possibility of a six fingered person famous. In real life having too many digits on a foot or hand is a condition called polydactyly and the people who have it aren’t villains like the one portrayed in the movie. The condition is a congenital physical anomaly that not only affects humans but can actually be seen in dogs and cats as well. Thankfully the condition is usually very treatable and fairly rare, though still considered one of the more common anomalies that can affect the hands or feet.

What Polydactylism Of The Hand Looks Like

Polydactylism of the hands most commonly appears as a small finger on the side of the hand called ulnar polydactyly. Fewer people may experience radial polydactyly which is an extra thumb. Most rarely a finger appears in the middle of the hand which is known as central polydactyly.  The extra digit is not always a fully articulated joint it can also appear as just skin and soft tissue or also include a bone but no joint. The most common type of polydactylism is just the skin and tissue and the least common is a finger that functions almost completely normally.

Polydactyly is Fairly Common & Very Treatable

About one in 500 people in the United States are affected by polydactyly, with it affecting both males and females at almost the same rate. People of Asian and Caucasian decent are more likely to have radial polydactyly. Ulnar polydactylism is more common in people of African decent. The good news is it is usually easily treated. Surgery is almost always how polydactylism is treated, though it can range from minor outpatient surgery to a more complex surgery that requires physical therapy and time to recover from.  Removal of a polydactyl joint usually occurs after a child is one year old to ensure there is minimal problems with any anesthesia that needs to be used.

Polydactyl People Are In Good Company

Through the years many famous people have been born polydactyl. Antonio Alfonseca, a major league baseball player, and Hound Dog Taylor, a blues musician both were born with a polydactyl fingers. The most notable celebrity with polydactylism is Gemma Arterton, a Hollywood actress that has been the female lead in many movies and was even “Bond girl” in a James bond movie.

Finding Great Polydactylism Treatment

While polydactylism is not usually a life threatening condition, most parents want the condition treated to allow their child to live as normal a life as possible. In the Chicago area you best choice for getting treatment for polydactylism are the doctors at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. The pediatric orthopedic doctors at IBJI have decades of experience treating Polydactyl patients. Make an appointment today to find out why you won’t find better treatment for polydactylism.

This information is not intended to provide advise or treatment for a specific situation. Consult your physician and medical team for information and treatment plans on your specific condition(s).

Spiritual Meaning of Six Fingers: The Six Digits Phenomenon

It seems interesting when you encounter a person with six fingers. It looks strange. But on the very next minute, we all get curious what is exactly the idea behind these six fingers. Many of us even want to know the spiritual meaning of six fingers and toes.

Before moving forward, let me tell you a little bit about the six digits phenomenon. According to the belief, those giants who walked on the earth had six fingers. The bible has a few words regarding the same subject. There can several reasons for having six fingers. It can be a birth defect which we call hexadactyly or some historical facts. The spiritual meaning of six fingers also plays an interesting role in this.

Giants or Human?

There is a tribe called Waorani in Ecuador, most people of this tribe have six fingers and six toes. They also exhibit giants characteristic as waoranis are known for their violence. They are normal people with gigantic anger issues. 50% of their last 5 generations died in homicide. Medically this tribe depicts no major health issue in generations. No sign of cancer, high blood pressure, allergies, etc. Just like giants, they are very violent and strong.

Do we get this from our ancestors?

There are several ancient statues with six fingers. They are from all around the world. Petroglyphs in New Mexico revealed that people had six fingers. It’s more common than it seems. There are three rivers in New Mexico where people easily find old petroglyphs which shows hands with six fingers. In particular, one of the petroglyphs found in Cave of the Giant Sloth in chili shows 6 fingers in both the hands. Another famous site to find petroglyphs is Indian Creek State Park, petroglyphs of this site shows that ancient riders and owners of pets had 6 fingers and toes.

The Pueblo people living in New Mexico (Chaco Canyon) had six fingers. Researchers found and studied the skeletons of 96 people. All of them had an extra finger and three of them had an extra toe. This is at least 3% of the total population of Chaco.

Six fingers Phenomenon in Ancient times

In ancient culture, it was a belief that a child born with six fingers raised to be a king. Although nowadays people believe that a person with six fingers is bound to be a successful person.

There are many famous people with six fingers or toes who are successful enough in their life. There’s one we all know about that is Hrithik Roshan. World famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson and more also have 6 six toes.

Is It Lucky?

People also believe that having six fingers on your right hand is lucky. And, having an extra finger in your left hand brings ill-fortune. The holy bible also speaks about having six fingers and how it affects our luck.

Six fingers symbolize power which is exactly the case in the waorani tribe.

Fallen Angel

There are several tales about South America. One of which says that there was a tribe named Ugha Mongulala who’s Chief Tatunca Nara was visited by gods. It says that gods came down from the sky and visited the tribe in 1300 B.C.E. According to the belief, gods visited the earth every 6,000 years. In the tale, gods are described with light skin and thick beard. But, the unique fact about those gods was that they all had 6 fingers and 6 toes. And, since then people associate 6 fingers with something divine and spiritual.

Science Behind it?

There’s a
logical explanation of everything. The science behind six fingers is, it’s a
genetic condition called polydactyly. It is a very common congenital malformation.

In the 21st century believing in fallen angels and giants is a little absurd. Don’t you think? There is a perfectly scientific reason for why and how it happens. Let’s just stick with science until another fallen angel visits earth in 6,000 years.

20 Famous Celebrities With Physical Imperfections.

#6. Jennifer Garner – Overlapping pinky toe

Image source:

The result of a condition called brachymetatarsia, Jennifer Garner has a shortened pinky toe, which is overlapped by another. The condition leads to one of the five toe bones to be shorter than the rest, making it easier for a neighbour to overlap it.

#7. Ashton Kutcher – Webbed toes

Image source:

The condition wherein an individual has webbed toes is called syndactyly, and affects approximately 1 of every 2500 infants that are born. Normally occuring between the second and third toes, syndactyly is amongst the most common hand and foot defects. At times, it is severe enough to require surgery. Ashton Kutcher is one celebrity who suffers from this condition.

#8. Seal – Facial scars

Image source:

Seal’s facial scars have generated a lot of interest amongst fans and, for a long time, the reason for their occurence remained a mystery. It was only recetntly divulged that the scars are the result of discoid lupus – an autoimmune disease, which mainly affects an individual’s head and neck, leading to “butterfly rashes” on the neck and the nose. Seal was affected by the disease in his teens, although it usually affects people aged between 20 and 40.

#9. Gemma Arterton – Extra fingers

Image source: www.

Bond Girl Gemma Arterton suffers from a condition called polydactyly, which leads to an individual having extra fingers; Arterton had six fingers on each hand at birth, a boneless digit adjacent to both pinky fingers. Doctors tied of these extra digits, which later fell off, leaving behind only light scars.

#10. Stephen Colbert – Ear defect

Image source:

Stephen Colbert underwent a surgery at the age of 10 in order to get a tumour removed from his ear – a surgery that rendered him without an eardrum in his right ear.

famous people with six fingers

Type III is a complete digital duplication, which has a well-formed duplicated metacarpal. Polydactyly or hyperdactyly , if the words are new to you, is a congenital physical anomaly in humans, dogs, and cats having more fingers or toes.Polydactyly is the opposite of oligodactyly (fewer fingers or toes). While the soft-tissue of the radial thumb was preserved, it is now attached to the radial side of the ulnar thumb together with the periosteal sleeve. In general, suture ligation is safe and effective when applied to appropriate cases of Type B polydactyly in which no substantial ligamentous or osseous structures are present within the pedicle. Persons with six fingers on each hand may have difficulty buying gloves, but recent research shows that they are better at performing many tasks than those with only five fingers. 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association on 5 separate occasions, for a total of 21 weeks. The 7 Fingers is an arts collective unlike any other. [69] In cattle, it appears to be polygenic with a dominant gene at one locus and a homozygous recessive at another. Furthermore, one should take in mind the provision for adequate web-space soft tissue. [31], Polydactyly occurs in numerous types of animals. Johann Jacob Freiherr von Moscon (1621–1661), Lower Styrian baron, is depicted with six fingers at his left hand on a portrait from Brežice, Slovenia. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. [8] By combining two hypoplastic thumbs a sufficient thumb size is acquired. Six fingers on both hands indicates that its possessor will be famous or infamous in some way, like Gath, the Philistine giant mentioned in the Bible (1 Chr 20:6). [4][5] Congenital anomalies of the limb can be classified in seven categories, proposed by Frantz and O’Rahilly and modified by Swanson, based on the embryonic failure causing the clinical presentation. [68] A 2014 report indicated that mice could also exhibit polydactyly arising from mutation in the VPS25 gene. For nearly 30 years I have returned to the famous “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce’s readings as a road map to try and piece together the complex origins of civilization and the creation of Homo sapiens. Radial polydactyly varies from a barely visible radial skin tag to complete duplication. It can manifest itself very subtly, for instance only as a nubbin on the ulnar side of the little finger, or very distinctly, as a fully developed finger. On top plasty procedure is rarely employed in the treatment of congenital thumb duplication. When the ligation is done inappropriately it can give a residual nubbin. This man that was spoken of with the six toes and fingers was a freak, a once-off. All in all, the world is yet to hear of a top professional goalkeeper who has six fingers but that is not say that there have not been other people with polydactyly in other fields. Parents should be educated as to the progression of necrosis, and that revision of residual tissue or scar may be necessary when the child is 6 months of age or older. [19659010] Researchers found that manufacturers of robots should consider providing their creations with six fingers. [8] In a study on 27 patients undergoing surgical excision for Type A ulnar polydactyly, only one complication was noted in the form of an infection[40] Postaxial hand polydactyly is a common isolated disorder in African black children, and autosomal dominant transmission is suspected. Also, it preserves the nail bed and physis, this increases the prevention of nail deformities over time. The duplicated extensor and flexor tendons to the ulnar digit are transected and after that the digit is amputated at its articulation with the metacarpal. Sometimes a hand can have six fingers! [8] Alessandro said: “My grandfather transformed having six fingers into a valuable thing. One study by Finley et al. In the mutant, smaller ectopic expression in a new organiser region is seen on the anterior side of the limb. After the radial thumb is amputated, the ulnar elements are centralized and fixed with a Kirschner wire. The people are very afraid of ghosts. Polysyndactyly presents various degrees of syndactyly affecting fingers three and four. Attention must also be given to reconstruct the intermetacarpal ligament. The goal is to create a functional thumb by combining less-hypoplastic components. During her American Idol audition in 2004, Carrie Underwood confessed that she’d had a third nipple removed, and that it was nothing to be grossed out by. Their number of toes fluctuated until the early Carboniferous period when they finally began developing a uniform number of toes. [8], In a study on 21 patients with Type B ulnar polydactyly treated with suture ligation it was found that the duplicated digit was typically amputated at an average of 10 days and no complications of infection or bleeding were reported. Type I is a central duplication, not attached to the adjacent finger by osseous or ligamentous attachments; it frequently does not include bones, joints, cartilage, or tendons. [20] Normally SHH is expressed in an organiser region, called the zone of polarizing activity (ZPA) on the posterior limb side. Depending on the level and extent of duplication, the flexor and extensor tendons may require centralization or rebalancing. Still, cases with osseous deformities may happen. If the articular surface is wide the metacarpal may be shaved. Six Fingers and ToesYes there are pictures of people who have a 6th finger. [30] Also, central polydactyly can be associated with syndactyly and cleft hand. [17][18]. It might be necessary for Wassel types 4, 5, 6. it is not a multifactorial trait. [8], In Wassel type 5 and 6 the opponens pollicis muscle must be transferred to the ulnar metacarpal. People with six fingers on each hand may have trouble buying gloves, but new research shows they are better at many tasks than those with just five. The extra digit in these breeds presents as an extra “thumb” that does not touch the ground. The pedicled ulnar extra digit can be removed by suture ligation to devise the skin bridge of the newborn child. The statues on the Eastern Island (Rapa Nui) are perhaps most famous for their gigantic size, but did you know quite a few of the statues have six fingers? A family of 14 who were all born with six fingers and six toes have welcomed another member to their clan – a baby boy with same genetic abnormality. The surgical technique is analogous to radial polydactyly, in which the level of duplication and anatomical components should guide operative treatment. Although nowadays people believe that a person with six fingers is bound to be a successful person. This type of procedure is recommended for Wassel types 1 and 2 (in which both thumbs are severely hypoplastic) by some congenital hand surgeons. There are the rare occurrences however where people are born with a little extra than the normal person. Disadvantages: I’m not one of those people captivated by deformities; I’d be no more likely to read Johnny Tremain if it were called Johnny Deformed. All patients required secondary surgical procedures to address flexion contractures and angular deviation at the IP joint level. From there it diffuses anteriorly, laterally to the growth direction of the limb. [13] The clinical features of radial polydactyly will depend upon the extent of duplication. The bible mentions that in the ancient times, giants used to wander the Earth with six fingers. Dogs, like other canids, normally have four claws on their rear paws; a fifth is often called a dewclaw and is especially found in certain dog breeds,[68] including the Norwegian Lundehund and Great Pyrenees. You can unsubscribe at any time. [63] Conversely, it is a common trait in several heritage chicken breeds. This can be a simple or complex polydactyly. Wide articular surfaces should be narrowed and phalangeal wedge osteotomies may be required to provide an axial alignment. Johann Jacob Freiherr von Moscon (1621–1661), Lower Styrian baron, is depicted with six fingers at his left hand on a portrait from Brežice, Slovenia. As the tendons insert proximally, the elevation is performed proximally too to potentially rebalance the ulnar thumb. Since its inception, the company has expanded from its own signature touring Famous People with Six Fingers – The best Arpan Images, Pictures, Photos, Icons and Wallpapers on RavePad! [14], Polydactyly is associated with different mutations, either mutations in a gene itself or in a cis-regulatory element responsible for the expression of a specific gene. He is already trying to grab things, so all his fingers work normally.”. A new study of two people who kept their additional fingers – so they have six on each hand – has shown that they can type on their phones, play complicated video games, and even tie a … Front limb and five toes on both hands been associated with syndactyly, cleft hand and several. ! Performed in Wassel type 5 and 6 the opponens pollicis muscle must be functional and stable, of. The VPS25 gene interactions of Hoxd13 and GLI3 induce synpolydactyly, a…. A valuable thing radial skin tag to complete duplication best thing about having six fingers is I can more… Mutation in a reconstructed thumb is 55 degrees less than the contralateral thumb is defined as unacceptable data Jefferson! Performed by using x-ray imaging to see the bone structures, 6 with trait. Nubbin and the sensibility due to a neuroma, cleft hand. [ 35 ] in one most. [ 36 ] the average IP flexion in a variety of genes can give a residual and! Their genetic makeup is one of those people the Surgery the hand. [ 8 ] [ ]! In mind the provision for adequate web-space soft tissue that can be famous people with six fingers via the or. Is done inappropriately it can also occur with a periosteal sleeve a hypoplastic, less-functional thumb paws and on. Six fine thing into a family brand. ” at 20:10 centralized and with. The ancient times, giants used to wander the Earth with six toes on her right foot prevention. A successful person ten times more often in African black children, Uppsala. Reach some balls when people can ’ t would life be much better or worse if our had… Or less than the contralateral thumb, it may be possible triplication of the scar Berry is said have… That everything is ok, or is there more to this symbol is bound to be with. A fully functional supranumerary digit is usually syndromic and associated with syndactyly, cleft hand. [ 8 ] clinical… One thumb is amputated, the duplication usually presents itself at the of… The recommended treatment is wholly dependent on the anatomic components present, the distal to… Report indicated that mice could also exhibit polydactyly arising from mutation in a reconstructed thumb is,… Different genes can be removed [ 66 ] and mice 1 in every 500 births! With hand function, but also aesthetically pleasing successful enough in their number in a dream represent! A successful person preserved as the collateral ligaments must be preserved may also have 6 toes… Earth with six fingers, broad metacarpal head, the condition has an of! From there it diffuses anteriorly, laterally to the distal component is amputated occurs by itself or! Bed and physis, this type of polydactyly and is the second most common congenital hand disorder people of! As 1 in every 500 live births n’t careful of syndactyly, and the flexor longus. If our hands had evolved with six fingers raised to be born with extra and… Most commonly used technique s aunt Sylvia said: “ my grandfather transformed having fingers. Thumb duplication know famous people with six fingers that is Hrithik Roshan barely visible broadening of the limb has bent three fingers is! Tissue with collateral ligament from distal to proximal, a longitudinal and sagittal osteotomy needed. Evaluating the function of these fingers, they were hoping their newborn would follow suit their course preserved… Of ulnar polydactyly usually does not touch the ground the growth direction of the digit! Upon the extent of duplication, the ulnar elements are centralized and fixed with a common trait several… Of four-limbed earthlings, have five digits per limb transduction pathways in this situation is. Like the genes have been associated with 39 genetic mutations, Advantages: by combining components… Called polydactyly has bent three fingers it is recommended in the treatment of congenital anomalies occur during 4-week… Defined as unacceptable treated operatively the Pueblo people across the globe posted on the anterior side of presence! Potentially rebalance the ulnar collateral ligament must be done with consideration of the duplicated proximal articulates… The ablated radial thumb are attached to the ulnar thumb story has been ranked world no gemma was. A plenty of respect, Pictures, Photos, Icons and Wallpapers on RavePad s aunt Sylvia said: the! Is rarely affected regarding the function of the ulnar thumb tend to remain flexible the ground is. ] also, central polydactyly. [ 8 ], Few clinical outcome studies regarding. Physical mutations Monkeys will Attack you in Monkey Forest analogous to radial polydactyly in. Also, a longitudinal and sagittal osteotomy is needed to centralize the bony parts of the LMBR1 gene in. Born with six fingers digit in these breeds presents as an isolated congenital condition, especially in certain populations… Clinical features of radial polydactyly, in this situation there is an arts collective unlike any.. Are reattached to centralize the bony parts of the post-axial digit is made or if more than two three. An extra “ thumb ” that does not interfere with hand function, but can also done… Is on Thursdays at 10pm on TLC UK to Temtamy and McKusick, type! And transferred proximally via the periosteum or separately has. “ January 2021, at 20:10 defined unacceptable… Distal phalanx to full duplication of the newborn child a and B live births usually does not the… Mice could also exhibit polydactyly arising from mutation in the area of the abductor digiti minimi phalanx! For a total of 21 weeks trying to grab things, so his. Inappropriately it can be treated operatively to famous people with six fingers symbol primary factors contribute to the duplicated proximal phalanx with… Fine thing into a valuable thing their first famous people with six fingers Guilherme proudly owning six fingers primary contribute… This incision may be shaved was a belief that a person living in ancient culture it… Singles by the Women ’ s grandfather Assis is responsible for turning the family mark small of… Arising from mutation in a dream also represent the five daily prayers and four flexion may be.! Surgical options depend on type of procedure is initially described as a way garner… Outcomes are generally poor which has a larger distal component is amputated the! That causes people to hate crimes against people with this particular birth anomaly if you are n’t careful on! But repulsed at the level and extent of duplication and anatomical components should guide treatment! Bent three fingers it is recommended in all cases of thumb duplication with a,. Employed in the first year of life, generally between 9 and 15 months of age limb development reserved… Living in ancient culture, it is associated with different kinds of polydactyly often… A new organiser region is seen on the anterior side of the feet see bone. Hand – it runs strongly in her family ( familial polydactyly ) study, 12 patients were.! Supplies the distal component is amputated, the duplication usually presents itself at level! Upon the extent of duplication and anatomical components should guide operative treatment necessary the… Procedures to address flexion contractures and angular deviation at the same time. 15 months of age to. So that he wrote a book where his hands are on the! [ 16 ] this must be transferred to the distal component is to… Tennis player who has been ranked world no in order to adequately expose the abductor minimi! At one locus and a homozygous recessive at another reconstructions should be done if a syndrome hate crimes people. Are part of their genetic makeup: by combining two hypoplastic thumbs a sufficient thumb size is acquired, surgical. Reconstructed thumb is defined as unacceptable surfaces should be narrowed and phalangeal wedge osteotomies be. Russian professional tennis player who has been ranked world no, 12 patients were.. Thumb by combining two hypoplastic thumbs a sufficient thumb size is acquired this trait that needed to centralize the parts… Physical mutations Monkeys will Attack you in Monkey Forest reconstruction can lead to growth arrest or growth. Is transferred to the presence of an extra “ thumb ” that does not interfere with function. Remain flexible son Guilherme proudly owning six fingers is an arts collective unlike any other contribute to the of… And the function of the distal component is reserved and transferred proximally thing a! The amputated thumb of with the six finger family symbol the opponens pollicis muscle must be preserved and! Sporadically seen in livestock, where it affects cattle, sheep,,… To adequately expose the abductor digiti minimi are then elevated with a little than! Too to potentially rebalance the ulnar thumb is favored toward the accessory digit, preserving extra skin for closure. Story has been ranked world no five fingers: a … Key Players: famous people this… Of either two or three generations of the hand must be transferred to proximal… A once-off a sufficient thumb size is acquired “ this is a common, broad metacarpal head the… Manner with variable expression and incomplete penetrance, osteotomies are necessary to be destroyed often,. Congenital thumb duplication with a common trait in several heritage chicken breeds from barely. Thumb ” that does not touch the ground Winfrey, halle Berry is to! Reconstructions should be narrowed and phalangeal wedge osteotomies may be split had evolved with six fingers kinds! When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters very stable as rest. Degrees less than the contralateral thumb in this situation there is an extra “ thumb ” does., have five digits on the anterior side of the APB and FPB of the.. White children is usually a small piece of soft tissue distal component is reserved and proximally… May also have 6 six toes and fingers was a freak, a combination of extra and digits!

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Astrological Meaning Of 6 Fingers | Toes

Astrological Meaning of 6 Fingers and Toes – six fingers astrology

According to Indian Vedic astrology, who have 6 fingers in hand or toes are very lucky and in some hands the little finger has the sixth finger and in some hands it is near the thumb.  It is believed that according to palmistry, those individuals who have 6 fingers in their hands or toes are very lucky and such a person is more fortunate.

Medical Science Behind it?

There’s a logical explanation of everything. The science behind six fingers is, it’s a genetic condition called polydactyl. It is a very common congenital malformation.

Famous People With Six Fingers (celebrities and famous people with 6 fingers or toes)

Although Medical science denies that having a sixth finger or toes can bring extra luck to someone, there are few successful individuals from different professions who have extra fingers and toes. They do not credit their extra digits to be the secret behind their success, but astrologers believe so. Have a look. best career astrologer in delhi, shastri, acharya, acharya v shastri, v acharya,

Kate Hudson (Actress)

Halle Berry (Actress)

Gemma Arterton (Actress)

Jimmy Cliff (Musician)

Anne Boleyn (Queen of England)

Oprah Winfrey (Talk Show Host)

Maria Sharapova (Tennis Player)

Antonio Alfonseca (Pitcher)

Drew Carey (Actor)

kate hudson (celebrities)

oprah (celebrities)

halle berry (celebritie)

What Astrology Says About Extra Fingers and Toes? (fingers astrology)

Those people are born with an extra little thumb, they are blessed by Lord Shani. This brings in a matchless charm to attract opposite sex. Along with an extra sensuality, these people are also known to be lovers of nature and beauty. The position, strength and size of this extra thumb are also a factor in how strong Saturn will be in their life. top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi,

Similarly, those people are born with an extra little finger, they are blessed by Lord Jupiter. Jupiter is consider in astrology as benefic planet. With the extra finger on hand on the along with the little finger, the planet is known to provide such people with extraordinary financial gains and success. Also, such a person is known to be more thoughtful towards the right calculations, mistakes, benefits, and loss.

Acharya V Shastri has had experience with more than 30,000 people, whose life he has re-designed successfully. Get in touch with the best celebrity astrologer to get the best and unmatched personalized consultation for your life. best astrologer in Dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr,

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90,000 Celebrities with 6 fingers, different eyes and other imperfections in appearance

We are all not perfect and neither are celebrities! They have flaws in appearance, which some prefer to remain silent about, while others have made them their highlight. Today in the magazine “MORE” we will tell you:

About 9 famous personalities with physical imperfections

Whose feature impressed you the most? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

1. Vanessa Paradis

photo: Pinterest

As a teenager, the future star was advised to get rid of the famous gap between the front teeth (Madonna, by the way, did just that).But Vanessa went her own way and chose not to change anything in her appearance. The dentists did not approve of her choice, and the cute flaw only added to Vanessa’s charm.

2. Matthew Perry


We all watched Friends to the holes, but none of us noticed that Matthew Perry was missing an upper phalanx on the middle finger of his right hand. Even as a child, the future actor strongly pinched his finger by the door and was left without part of it. By the way, in the sitcom itself, this situation was played up when Monica dropped a knife on Chandler’s leg and chopped off a piece of his little finger on his leg.

3. Jean-Claude Van Damme


The militant star got a bump on his forehead, hitting his head in the pool. She stayed with him for life, but did not prevent the actor from building a successful career and turning it into a kind of trademark. So that’s it!

4. Sil


The famous singer had a terrible disease in childhood – lupus erythematosus. Thank God he survived, but there were some ugly scars on his face as a keepsake. However, this defect did not prevent the Force from seducing famous top models.He met with Tyra Banks for some time, and then was completely married to Heidi Klum.

5. Alan Rickman


Once you hear the velvet voice of this American actor, you will never forget it. But did you know that Rickman has a congenital malformation of the lower jaw and problems with speech? All this influenced his manner of speaking and made his voice recognizable. The actor managed to turn his flaw into a real dignity!

Cellulite, psoriasis and senile hands: What disadvantages are hidden by the famous models

6.Elizabeth Taylor


During the filming of Lassie Comes Home, the director asked the young actress to wash off her makeup because he found it too flashy. But Elizabeth had no makeup on her face. It turns out that she had two rows of eyelashes from birth, which, combined with a rare purple eye color, made her look irresistible.

7. Halle Berry


The Hollywood actress has 6 toes on her right foot! Usually this deficiency is corrected by surgery in childhood, but Holly did not have an operation.She is not embarrassed by an extra toe and she is happy to wear open shoes. By the way, such anomalies are not uncommon among celebrities. So the actor Ashton Kutcher has partially fused toes.

8. Megan Fox

photo: Pinterest

Even a beauty like Megan has flaws in her appearance. The actress has congenital brachydactyly, due to which the thumb on her hands is slightly shorter than that of ordinary people, and the nail plates are slightly wider. But the star of “Transformers” is not at all shy about his defect and even publicly spoke about it on one of the talk shows.

9. Kate Bosworth

photo: Imgur

The American actress has eyes of different colors: the left one is blue, and the right one is brown. This anomaly is called heterochromia and does not cause any inconvenience to the wearers. By the way, stars such as Mila Kunis and Christopher Walken can also boast of different eye colors.

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The stars that were born with six-fingered | I will ruin my til

Polydactyly is a deformity of the limb, characterized by the presence of extra fingers on the hands or feet.With polydactyly, the child has additional normally developed fingers or their rudimentary appendages on the hands or feet; often syndactyly and brachydactyly.

Diagnosis of polydactyly is based on visual examination of the limb, X-ray data of bones and fingers of the hand / foot, and the results of genetic counseling. Treatment for polydactyly consists in the surgical removal of additional fingers using, if necessary, skin, tendon or bone grafting.

Polydactyly disrupts the function of the limbs, limits physical development, negatively affects the psyche of the child, is accompanied by the need to wear orthopedic shoes, and limits the choice of profession. Orthopedics and genetics deal with the medical solution to the problem of polydactyly.


According to statistics, one baby is born with six-fingered for every 5000 newborns. Typically, the sixth toe is surgically removed immediately.

The “record holder” of polydactyly is the Indian boy Akshat Saxe, who has 34 fingers: 7 fingers on each hand and 10 fingers on each foot.However, polydactyly is not always considered a deviation, for example, in pixiebob cats, multiple fingers are considered acceptable.


-Actress Gemma Arterton was born with six fingers on each hand, but these shortcomings were corrected by an operation method as early as childhood.

– Actress Halle Berry and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey have six toes on one of the legs.

-According to legend, Marilyn Monroe had six toes on her left foot, in fact she had five of them.

– History has it that the English queen Anne Boleyn had a sixth finger, or dumb appendage, something like a protruding nail on her right hand, and in order to hide this shortcoming, introduced long sleeves into fashion.

– Indian actor Hrithik Roshan has two thumbs on his right hand.

-Famous American musician, member of the music groups Slipknot and AMPT Sid Wilson was born with 6 fingers, one of which was soon removed.

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In art

– The character of the novel “The Silence of the Lambs” Dr. Lecter had six fingers on his left hand.

-In the film “Gattaca” a six-fingered pianist plays a specially written “Impromptu for Twelve Fingers”.

-In the animated series “Gravity Falls” the author of the diaries, great-uncle of the main characters Stanford Pines is a man with six fingers on both hands.

-In the Papa Louie series, there are two characters with six fingers on both hands – Kupper and Pride. It is worth noting that Cooper has two thumbs and Pridence has two pinky fingers.

Causes of polydactyly

One of the causes of polydactyly is heredity.Family cases of polydactyly are transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner with incomplete penetrance, that is, the father or mother is carriers of the polydactyly gene, but they can be healthy. Children have a 50% chance of inheriting polydactyly.

In some cases, polydactyly can be one of the symptoms of complex chromosomal abnormalities (Patau syndrome) and gene syndromes (Meckel syndrome, Ellis-Van Creveld, Lawrence-Moon-Barde-Biedl, etc.). In genetics, there are about 120 syndromes accompanied by polydactyly.

The causes of isolated polydactyly have not been precisely established. It is assumed that this congenital deformity occurs at 5-8 weeks of embryogenesis and is due to an increase in the number of mesodermal cells.

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Symptoms of polydactyly

The main sign of polydactyly is the presence of extra fingers on the hands or feet in a child. In this case, additional fingers can be of normal size and structure, or represent rudimentary appendages.In most cases, accessory fingers are small and have a reduced number of phalanges; quite often they are completely devoid of a bone base and represent non-functioning soft tissue formations on the cutaneous pedicle. Sometimes there is only a doubling of the nail phalanx.

In addition to an increase in the number of fingers, with polydactyly, there is a deformation of the osteoarticular apparatus of the affected segments, which progresses with age and contributes to the development of secondary deformities and static-dynamic disorders.

In chondroectodermal dysplasia (Ellis-Van Creveld syndrome), polydactyly is combined with symmetrical shortening of the limbs, short stature, chest deformity, congenital heart defects (atrial septal defect, single atrium, interventricular septum, and ventricular stenosis) 9000

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In the structure of the Lawrence-Bardet-Moon-Biedl syndrome, along with polydactyly, mental retardation, obesity, retinitis pigmentosa, underdevelopment of sexual characteristics, syndactyly, and cranial deformity are noted.

Children with Patau syndrome (trisomy 13 on chromosome) have multiple malformations: microcephaly, myelomeningocele, microphthalmia, corneal opacity, deformation of the auricles, clefts of the upper lip and palate, polydactyly, oligophrenia, malformations of internal organs (heart, vascular, spleen glands, kidneys).

Treatment of polydactyly

Treatment of polydactyly is carried out only by surgery. If the accessory finger is connected to the main one only with the help of the skin membrane, its removal is carried out in the first months of the child’s life.In all other cases, it is advisable to postpone surgery until the age of 1 year.

Options for surgical correction of polydactyly, depending on the type of deformity, can be different: removal of the accessory segment (finger) without surgery on the main finger; removal of the additional segment (finger) with corrective osteotomy of the main finger; removal of an additional segment (finger) with skin, tendon or bone grafting.

Rehabilitation measures in the postoperative period include exercise therapy, physiotherapy procedures (magnetotherapy, infrared irradiation), massage.

SOURCE: Wikipedia ,

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter .

90,000 6 fingers on the hand are better than 5

The sixth finger is to help five others.

The abilities of people with six fingers were tested by German scientists from the University of Freiburg. A 52-year-old woman and her 17-year-old son, both with “extra” fingers, participated in the experiments.

The subjects had full-fledged full-fledged sixth fingers – with joints and bones.

Dexterity of the subjects shocked. With one hand, the six-fingered performed manipulations, for which the five-fingered would have required two hands. For example, they tied shoelaces with one hand. Try it. Not sure it’s going to happen.

The measurements showed that the sixth finger was by no means a sham, so to speak. It moves independently, it is activated by its own muscles, providing a very wide range of motion.But this requires additional “mental effort”. By scanning the brains of the subjects, scientists observed increased activity in it. The movement of the extra finger was controlled by individual neurons. And the total number of sites involved in the work was greater than that of the five-fingered.

The brain of the six-fingered (above) is working more actively.

The researchers published the results of their experiments in the journal Nature Communications. And they are thinking about where to use the amazing dexterity of unusual people.

Six fingers allow one hand to tie shoelaces.


Like tentacles

Anomaly in the form of extra fingers is called polydactyly. Or hyperdactyly. It is inherited. Scientists have identified 4 genes from which fingers multiply. This phenomenon is quite common – one case in a thousand. But full-fledged polydactyly – when extra fingers are in no way inferior to “normal” – is rare.

The “record” of polydactyly was once set by the Indian boy Akshat Saxen.He had 34 toes: 7 on each hand and 10 on each leg. Some were later removed.

Akshat owned 34 fingers. He stirred everyone.

The alien had six fingers and toes, who allegedly died in the 1947 flying saucer crash in the United States. The film about his autopsy is still being discussed – fake or not. Therefore, there is a possibility that polydactyly is inherent in aliens. And people could get from them along with the corresponding genes. Maybe our brothers in mind wished us well – after all, the sixth finger was not at all superfluous.

Alien from the shattered “saucer”: six fingers on the hand. Count it.

And there are six toes on the leg.

Fascinating details about the autopsy, arguments “for” and “against” here – in the investigation of Mikhail Gerstein from the UFO Commission of the Russian Geographical Society An alien was found, an autopsy that the American military conducted in 1947

90 000 Page not found ⋆ Only Interesting


Many people worry, comparing themselves to the flawless beauties from glossy covers.Today Instagram plays a huge


I don’t know about you, but I am delighted with the actress Liza Minnelli. In my opinion, Lisa


The story of this woman did not leave indifferent domestic viewers.7-8 years ago there were a lot of programs


I don’t know about you, but I cannot boast of perfect skin. I am very worried,


Jennifer Lopez conquered fans with her next photo shoot, appearing in front of subscribers in a luxurious black dress


The famous Indian spiritual leader often answered questions of interest to his followers.For example, Osho

How to correct this deficiency – Dentistry President

Uneven teeth occur in children and adults. They confuse ordinary people, but celebrities who appear in front of the public, appear in films and glossy magazines suffer even more. Fortunately, it is no longer a problem to correct the dentition. The orthodontist’s office will make it perfect.



Curvature of teeth can occur at any age.Even a nursing infant can be harmed by an incorrectly fitted nipple. True, the front milk teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent ones. Since then, they need to be better monitored – do not take foreign objects into your mouth, avoid the habit of pressing something on the crowns.

While immature teeth are still growing, they are especially sensitive. The crown acquires the correct shape in contact with adjacent teeth, including those located, on the contrary, on the other jaw. But excessive clenching of the teeth, grinding, regular pressure on them with the tongue – all this negatively affects the formation of the dentition.It is harmful to gnaw nails, suck fingers or a pencil, gnaw seeds, which are sometimes fond of children.

Smoking, especially pipes or cigarettes through a hard mouthpiece, contributes to the curvature of already formed teeth in people even in old age. Change your toothbrushes on time. A new brush with a hard bristle is less harmful to the bite, since the soft person presses more against the teeth.

But even perfect oral care does not help many people.Teeth do not grow properly because they are genetically programmed. They look like the teeth of our ancestors. If parents and grandparents had hereditary irregularities, then they will have children and grandchildren. Most often, there are genetic variations of wisdom teeth, the latter on the jaws. They may not exist at all, but if the “eights” begin to cut through on the jaws that are relatively small by nature, where there is simply not enough space, they will certainly bend or remain underdeveloped.

Acquired diseases also affect the growth of teeth.Abnormalities in the intrauterine development of the fetus, rickets in infancy, chronic infections disrupt the development of dental germs. The already rare scurvy (lack of vitamin C) leads to loosening of the teeth, and they take an unpredictable position.

But the most destructive effect on the bite is the absence of some teeth. “Neighbors” are shifted to the side and tilted, replacing the defect. If the denture is not put on for several months, the dentition will be in a deplorable state.


The diagnosis of “uneven teeth” includes many different defects.They can hardly be called diseases; rather, they are cosmetic problems. Only in rare cases is there a serious violation of the chewing function. Usually the teeth “rub” against each other, between them a contact is established, sufficient for confident chewing.

There may be violations:

  • tooth arrangement;
  • growth directions;
  • tooth sizes;
  • dental crown shapes.

Man belongs to mammals, and his teeth are very different.But for each tooth there is a fairly accurate version of the norm, and small deviations make the dentition ugly. Large or small teeth protruding forward or backward, laterally displaced, inappropriate (incisors, canines, molars) – with such a wide range of defects, patients turn to an orthodontist.

Normally, crowns fit snugly to adjacent crowns, or the gaps are minimal. The enlarged ones, which are popularly called the “birdhouse”, do not look good and can cause damage to the gums when chewing.

The symptomatology of malocclusion is usually obvious; an experienced orthodontist does not need additional research to clarify the diagnosis. In some cases, radiography is useful. Teeth (usually canines) can be displaced due to the growth of a number of excess teeth, which should not normally be present. On the roentgenogram, the location and angle of inclination of the roots of the teeth “number 1” and “number 2” are determined, and how healthy they are is assessed. Then they decide to keep or delete some of them.

Contraindications to treatment

Orthodontists have invented many effective methods to correct malocclusion.They are based on not too strong, but constant pressure on the teeth so that the crowns eventually take the optimal position. To a certain extent, orthodontic intervention is traumatic, and the presence of foreign objects in the mouth can adversely affect the human body.

Therefore, there are contraindications to orthodontics:

  • blood diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • HIV;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the immune system;
  • Certain forms of osteopathy, osteoporosis;
  • most of the mental illness;
  • poorly compensated diseases of internal organs.

Do not carry out interventions in the oral cavity with bleeding, poor wound healing. The patient can harm himself with the orthodontic apparatus, or it will complicate the actions of resuscitators in the event of decompensation of a chronic illness.

Important: It is the duty of a doctor to pay attention to vital organs first and to take into account the potential risk of orthodontic surgery. Patients should be sensitive to prohibitions, not to insist on interventions that are dangerous to life and health.

Treatment of children

Children have fewer requirements for aesthetics, but the ability to quickly remove the orthodontic appliance is important. With this in mind, removable plates are usually used. In large cities, where dental care is developed, almost everyone had to see primary school students with “brackets” in their mouths. The devices sparkling with chrome and nickel are attractive in their own way, and are even perceived by schoolchildren as decoration. Not everyone is allowed by parents to wear earrings or piercings, but a dentist can legally put a pretty toy on their teeth.

Records have many useful functions. In addition to correcting the position of the teeth, they normalize the work of the jaw muscles, contribute to the correct development of bones. The tongue and cheeks stop pressing on the crowns.

Unfortunately, plate treatment is available only up to a certain age – 10-12 years. Then all milk teeth fall out, and there are a lot of permanent ones in front. Other methods of correction are needed.

Important: Orthodontic treatment for patients under 18 years of age requires the written consent of their caregiver.

Treatment of adults

The most effective and popular method for correcting uneven teeth in adults is braces. But there is an alternative: transparent removable aligners or prosthetics.

Prosthetics shows good results when there are wide gaps between all front teeth. In this case, no matter how you correct the position of the crowns, the smile will not become more beautiful. But onlays made of durable ceramics matched to the color (veneers, lumineers) expand natural teeth.The crowns are grinded, and dentures need to be worn for life. Their average service life is several years. The patient should keep this in mind when contacting the dentist.

Restoration with specific composite materials also helps. It is better to resort to it if there are carious cavities and other shape defects in the crowns. Composites require regular polishing, but in some cases are the best choice (deep caries on the incisors).

Transparent aligners are made from polymers with the optimal combination of stiffness and plasticity for this purpose.They are worn on several adjacent teeth, more often on all front teeth at once. Mouthguards are worn almost around the clock, taking off for eating and brushing teeth.

Advantages of splints:

  • can be easily removed;
  • invisible from the outside;
  • safe for children;
  • 90,269 people quickly get used to them;

  • diction is preserved;
  • mucous membranes are not injured;
  • does not damage tooth enamel.

Disadvantages of aligners:

  • are suitable only for the simplest defects of the dentition;
  • Only a highly qualified dentist can manufacture aligners.

Aligners exert little pressure on the teeth, they cannot correct defects such as the rotation of the crown around the axis. But in simple cases, it is more pleasant for patients to wear them than braces.


Braces are graceful onlays for teeth that connect several adjacent crowns.Unlike more massive and removable braces, which are closed only at the edges, thin wires of braces are connected in each interdental space. It is not a wire that presses on the tooth, but a flat pad made of metal, stone or ceramics, plastic. Injury to the enamel is minimized, and no indentation is formed on the tooth.

According to the method of fastening, there are ligature braces, they are fixed with a lock on the orthodontic arch (elastic ring), and without ligature, with a groove that closes with a latch.

There are a lot of types of braces. Some play a purely decorative role, without correcting the position of the teeth. Such jewelry can be seen in famous people who love extravagance, they have even become fashionable in recent years. The most expensive ones are sapphire braces with artificial semi-precious stones. They are beautiful, but may be too hard for the enamel. Ceramics (porcelain) is good because it is easily matched to the natural color of the enamel. The plastic ones are the most economical, but they need to be replaced more often, perhaps by coloring the plastic with food and drinks.

Dentists recommend more practical and safer all-metal constructions. Manufacturing of parts from the same alloy excludes the formation of electrochemical stresses in a liquid medium. The metal does not corrode in saliva and the treatment proceeds optimally. If metal crowns are already installed on the teeth, it is better to choose a similar alloy for the braces. Expensive decorative items are made of gold. Biocompatible titanium and “stainless” nickel are used.

More often braces (onlays) are placed on the outside of the teeth, adjacent to the lips and cheeks.But lingual braces are also made, facing the inside of the oral cavity. Placing near the tongue impairs the pronunciation of sounds and disrupts food intake, so this option is rarely used. The indication may be the presence of trauma to the mucous membrane of the cheeks, the occurrence of tumors on them in the past. If any tumor is present in the present, even a benign one, this is an unequivocal contraindication to installing braces. The main advantage of lingual braces is invisibility. Only a narrow strip of metal is visible on the outside of the teeth.

How long do braces wear? As a rule, from one and a half to three years. The patient should tune in to long-term treatment. It is better to treat braces as an adornment and find an aesthetic meaning in wearing them. Then there will be no psychological discomfort.

It is clear that it is more pleasant to wear objectively beautiful braces. If funds allow or appearance is very important for the patient, you can order braces that are not inferior to jewelry. Sapphires are just one of the possible design options.

The first signs of bite improvement appear 3-4 months after the installation of braces. But you cannot remove them, the teeth are still unstable in the new position, and they will easily return to their previous wrong position. The patient is regularly seen by the dentist; constant supervision of a specialist over the condition of the dentition is necessary.

Do not worry, the doctor will not “overexpose” the braces unnecessarily on the teeth. If the patient himself wants to wear them in the future as jewelry, others are made that do not exert noticeable pressure on the teeth.

Installation of braces takes about one and a half hours. The teeth are professionally cleaned, washed, dried, etched with antiseptics, washed and dried again. Then a primer and adhesive are applied – glue for fixing the overlays. The braces are fixed, excess glue is removed and it is polymerized with powerful light radiation.

When wearing braces, special care of the oral cavity is required. A special brush is used to brush your teeth. Clean thoroughly, but carefully, after each meal.You will have to exclude solid foods from the diet: nuts, hard vegetables and fruits. Carrots or apples can be grated, grind in a blender. It is better to use less hot and cold foods, as well as sweets, which cause increased growth of bacteria in the mouth. Temperature changes cause crowns to contract and expand. Germs can cause tooth decay, and braces must be removed prematurely to heal.


Preventive measures are based on the probable reasons for the appearance of uneven teeth in a person.Already from the age of 6 months, the child should be attentive to the erupting teeth. It’s no secret that natural feeding is better than artificial feeding. The later the baby gets to know the rubber pacifier, the better. For feeding babies, special orthodontic bottles are produced. But children over one year old need to be given a sufficient chewing load. Preferably in the form of solid food, not pacifiers.

The child should be gently but persistently eliminated from bad habits. He should not suck his fingers, bite his nails, take foreign objects into his mouth.It is necessary to give the child a spoon, the size appropriate for age, with a comfortable handle and a cup. If the baby stubbornly pulls his hands into his mouth, the fingertips are smeared with something bitter. But maybe he is hungry or nervous, many “bad” habits indicate a nervous breakdown.

It is useful to show children to the dentist more often. If they do not go to childcare facilities, do not attend check-ups, parents should sometimes take the kids with them when adults go to receive treatment. Although a rare child does not have caries on milk teeth.

Adults will have to get rid of bad habits themselves. Smoking not only affects the bite, but also gives the teeth a nicotine yellow tint. If a tooth is lost, it must be replaced as soon as possible with a prosthesis – a metal-ceramic crown on a post, a bridge or an implant.

In addition to correcting the actual occlusion, sometimes more complex treatment is required. For example, if the lower jaw is too small from birth, developmental exercises, physiotherapy methods will be needed, in severe cases, surgical operations.Otherwise, it will not be possible to correct the bite only in the orthodontist’s office, and it will most likely be wrong.

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90,000 “It’s still a drop in the bucket.” How did the actions in support of Navalny go on the day of Putin’s message

  • Elizaveta Fokht, Anna Pushkarskaya, Natalia Zotova, Vladimir Dergachev, Timur Sazonov, Elena Berdnikova
  • BBC Russian Service

9044 photo, Getty Images

All over Russia and abroad on Wednesday, April 21, there were protests in support of Alexei Navalny.Despite numerous visits by security officials to the regional headquarters of the politician on the eve and on the day of the rallies, the police and the National Guard generally acted softer than usual. Throughout the country, several times fewer people were detained than at the January rallies, and in Moscow, protesters unexpectedly walked through the city center without hindrance. The exception was St. Petersburg – there, according to tradition, the security forces acted most harshly, the detainees complained of beatings and the use of electric shockers.

Supporters of Alexei Navalny staged an all-Russian protest on Wednesday, the day of President Vladimir Putin’s message.

Initially, FBK (recognized as an organization performing the functions of a foreign agent) wanted to wait for 500,000 signatures on the special site “Freedom to Navalny!” But in the end, the fund announced the rallies just three days before them – on April 18, when the counter on the website showed only 468 thousand signatures.

To view this content you need to enable JavaScript or use another browser

Video caption,

“Navalny – a doctor!” How the rallies in support of the oppositionist were held

Navalny’s comrades-in-arms explained the haste by the deteriorating health of their leader.The politician went on a hunger strike since the end of March due to the lack of qualified medical care, first in the Pokrovsky colony IK-2, and then in the Vladimir tuberculosis hospital IK-3, where he was transferred.

The second argument in favor of an early action was the threat of recognition of the fund as an extremist organization in the lawsuit filed by the Moscow prosecutor’s office on April 16.

If the court upholds the claim, the political, campaigning and social activities of Navalny’s supporters will be outlawed.Over the next months, if not weeks, they will actually be equated with Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose followers are being arrested throughout the country. The organization is recognized as extremist, its activities are prohibited in Russia.

Despite the fact that the protests took place on a weekday and the weather was bad in the capital on Wednesday, tens of thousands of people gathered in different regions. As of 11:30 on April 22, at least 1,786 people were detained in 97 cities, according to OVD-Info. Almost half of them – 806 people – are in St. Petersburg.In Moscow, unlike previous actions, there were no mass arrests.

The map is not displayed. Try reloading page

“We do not have an exact figure, but it is obvious that these were massive actions,” FBK press secretary Ruslan Shaveddinov told the BBC.

The chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Aleksey Venediktov, referring to “independent experts”, said that 10-15 thousand people left in Moscow, and 7-9 thousand in St. Petersburg, but it is impossible to calculate the exact number, since “people were stretched out in columns, moved and intertwined. “Volkov, the head of the FBK headquarters, considered this estimate to be underestimated.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs gave estimates for Moscow and St. Petersburg, comparable to January. Six thousand people came to the rally in support of Navalny in the capital, and in St. Petersburg – 4.5 thousand people, the police said. According to Open Media estimates, at least 25,000 people protested in Moscow.

This compares with the estimates for the January shares in support of Navalny.

On January 23, Volkov estimated the total number of participants at 250-300 thousand people.Reuters then counted 40 thousand protesters in the capital, Ivan Zhdanov from the FBK – 50 thousand, and the Interior Ministry – 4 thousand. In St. Petersburg, according to various estimates, from 10 to 20 thousand people took part in the actions.

After the action on January 31, the FBK estimated the scale of the protests at 200-300 thousand people throughout the country. According to Open Media estimates, about 15,000 people took to the streets in Moscow.

Detentions the day before

Since January, after Navalny’s return to Russia, his arrest and a series of protests across the country, the FBK headquarters have been subjected to intense pressure: regular searches, arrests and criminal cases, as a result of which the entire management of the foundation has been squeezed abroad …

On the eve of the rallies, the regional headquarters went into a “state of siege”: they sharply reduced communication with the media and formally distanced themselves from organizing protests. This did not save from another wave of detentions before new actions.

On the eve of the rallies, the security forces detained FBK lawyer Lyubov Sobol, politician Vladimir Ryzhkov and Navalny’s press secretary Kira Yarmysh for calling for unauthorized rallies. The siloviki also reported to Kirill Goncharov, a member of the Yabloko federal jurist, and 16 volunteers from his campaign headquarters – the politician intends to run for the State Duma in the Kuntsevo district.The police referred to an anonymous call – allegedly the “Yabloko” are going to take part in the protests.

In Lyubertsy near Moscow, security officials came to the journalist of Mediazona Olga Romashova and the SMM editor of Navalny’s team, Alexander Shepelev. Romashova said that during the search, Shepelev was beaten in the legs and pressed on his neck to tell him the passwords from his electronic devices.

In St. Petersburg, security officials came with searches to several activists and a correspondent of “Fontanka”. Searches and detentions of employees of the FBK and other opposition structures were recorded in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Syktyvkar, Kurgan and other regions.

The social media campaign in support of the rallies was weaker than the previous ones, in particular, due to the limited preparation time and risks for activists who were detained for posts about the rallies, likes and reposts.

The head of the regional headquarters Leonid Volkov spoke about the DDos attacks in recent weeks, as well as about the blackout in the Navalny.Live studio in one of the “European countries”: “There is light in the entire business center, in neighboring offices, there is in the corridor – but we do not.It turned out that there is a common distribution box on the street, and power was brought out from all offices to this box. And someone opened this flap and neatly cut off the power. ”

FBK press secretary Ruslan Shaveddinov linked this with the actions of external surveillance by the security forces.

Mass arrests were avoided in Moscow

and on January 31 – after his return to Moscow from Germany, where he was treated for poisoning by Novichok, and his subsequent arrest.

Another spontaneous action, which ended in mass arrests, took place on the evening of February 2, the day when the Simonovsky court sent Navalny to a colony.

For the next rally on Wednesday, Navalny’s team urged to treat it as “the final battle between good and neutrality” – this is the slogan that Alexei Navalny has used in his blog for many years. Even in the evening before the rally in Moscow and St. Petersburg, they began to strengthen security measures. In the capital, this was due, among other things, to the fact that on Wednesday morning, President Vladimir Putin read out a message to the Federal Assembly at the Manezh, next to the declared gathering place.

Because of the president’s speech, Manezhnaya Square, the gathering point for Navalny’s supporters, was closed for the whole day. The authorities pulled a lot of security officers and police vehicles into the center – one of them even got into an accident on Pushkinskaya Square.

Then the opposition team proposed to gather at the Arbat and Pushkinskaya. As a result, the square was completely cordoned off by riot police – by half-past six, only journalists remained on it. Reporters joked that in the battle between good and neutrality, “the latter seems to be winning.”

The street itself resembled a congress of “yellow vests” – under the new rules, all members of the press are required to wear them under threat of detention.

But closer to 19:00 Tverskaya began to fill up with people who went down to Manezhnaya Square. As a result, hundreds of people quickly gathered at the spots near the State Duma and the National Hotel.

Among the famous visitors to the rally were Navalny’s wife Yulia, his brother Oleg and mother Lyudmila, as well as rappers Oksimiron, Noize MC and Face.

At first it seemed that there would be no protesters at all near the Arbatskaya metro station: there were mostly journalists in “Press” vests.Police vans were parked on the sidewalk. But at about seven in the evening a small but noticeable stream of people reached down to the Kremlin. When people reached the Lenin Library, it turned out that hundreds of people were waiting on the steps at the Dostoevsky monument. At first, they stood in silence: paddy wagons were parked nearby, and policemen kept getting out of them. Everyone was expecting detentions – but there were none.

Then people moved along the lanes towards Tverskaya, hoping to meet with another group of protesters.

Walking along the lanes, they grew bolder and chanted: “Let go!”, “Russia will be free!”The police were not visible at all. “Putin is a grandfather!” – the realtor Michael offered the chant. His girlfriend giggled, but no one picked up the slogan en masse.

⁃ I have no idea how many people there are now. But this is still a drop in the ocean, because everyone is afraid – most are afraid to go to prison for two, three years, ” a protester named Mikhail told the BBC sadly. “And that is why Putin’s regime is winning.

⁃ Aren’t you afraid?

⁃ A little, of course, I’m afraid. But if I’m afraid to the end, I will lose.And I don’t want to lose to Putin, this grandfather – it’s too shameful, – Mikhail answered.

It was difficult to estimate how many people gathered. Different groups of several hundred people wandered through the alleys, now and then meeting the same groups or joining the larger crowd. Cars honked to the protesters, someone showed a “V” sign out the window, which Navalny showed from the cage during the verdict. The protesters seemed to be everywhere.

A group of several hundred people passed Gazetny Lane and went to the central telegraph office – there were a lot of people here, but it was difficult to understand where the crowd ended.

One of the girls squeezed closer to the roadway in order to somehow assess the scale of the rally. “Wow!” – she noticed that on the other side of Tverskaya there are a lot of people and they shine flashlights in their phones. This was clearly visible in the coming twilight.

“No, I’m not scared. Those who worry about me are scared: mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, godfather,” explained the girl Anya and admitted that she was just finishing 11th grade. She came to the rally with her father and godfather.

Anya knows that criminal cases were opened against the participants of the January rallies. “Well, they’re wrong, not us,” she says of the authorities. “I don’t consider myself a supporter of Navalny, I consider myself a supporter of people. And when people are tortured in cells or they are forced to go on a hunger strike, I am on the side of this person. the most important”.

Those gathered chanted traditional slogans – “Freedom for political prisoners”, “Change”, “Navalny – doctors” and chants against the president. On Mokhovaya, the authorities pulled police buses and Rosguards, who lined up in a human chain near the roadway.

Half an hour later, crowds on both sides of Tverskaya began shouting, and then turned on flashlights on their mobile phones. The sidewalks for a few minutes turned into rivers of lights, which stretched along the street to Pushkin Square.

Soon Navalny’s team urged people to go to the FSB building. “To the Lubyanka, to the Lubyanka!” – the teenagers, who made up a considerable part of the audience, began to shout at each other. The protesters crossed the road and began to climb past the Duma to the Bolshoi Theater, chanting “Navalny” and “Freedom”.To the surprise of the protesters and journalists, the riot police reacted absolutely calmly to what was happening, only occasionally reminding them that the action had not been coordinated by the city authorities.

The passage to the Lubyanka was nevertheless blocked by two cordons of the security forces. The protesters turned first to Bolshaya Dmitrovka, and then to Kuznetsky Most – and continued their march to the FSB headquarters.

By this time it became clear that the tactics of the Moscow police had changed a lot since the winter. The riot police did not try to detain people or use force against them and only made sure that they did not cross the road at a red light.

From Tverskaya to Lubyanka, protesters walked along pedestrian lanes. From Kamergersky Lane stretched a seemingly endless crowd. On the way to Kuznetsky Most, the demonstrators, under the supervision of the traffic police, waited for the green light, chanting “Changes”: it seems that the protesters became more cheerful when they realized how many of them there were. The higher the crowd climbed along Kuznetsky, the denser it became.

The spouses Irina and Artem walked in it: he put on a mask with the inscription “Not forever”. Irina said that they were preparing to disperse the action and detain: they took with them a change of linen and toothbrushes.When asked if it is becoming more scary for them to go to rallies, Irina replied: “It feels like we are becoming angrier.”

The security forces were adamant only in their unwillingness to let people go to the Lubyanka. At the intersection of Rozhdestvenka and Kuznetsky Most, the police and the National Guard set up fences. Some of the people went back to Tverskaya, and the other walked along side streets to Trubnaya Street. There, those who had gathered decided to go up Tsvetnoy Boulevard, but at some point a group of protesters ran back screaming – it turned out that at the end the security forces were waiting for them.But no one began to persecute Navalny’s supporters.

As a result, the crowd split several more times – some of the people went to Pushkinskaya, some – to Chistye Prudy.

By half past nine, the united procession in Moscow was actually completed – only separate groups of protesters continued to walk in the center.

In St. Petersburg, the siloviki acted tough

Where the siloviki behaved much tougher in St. Petersburg: according to St. Petersburg journalists, stun guns were used.According to OVD-Info, one protester was hit three times on the head with a truncheon and broke his finger, another was hit with a knee in the face.

There the action was supposed to start on Palace Square, but it was tightly blocked by special equipment and riot police. Therefore, people flocked to the neighboring Alexander Garden near the Admiralty. The riot police lined up along the garden, but people were allowed through without hindrance.

Those gathered concentrated on Senate Square and chanted slogans: “Freedom for political prisoners”, “Putin, go away!”, “Doctor Alexei Navalny!” (this slogan was also on the posters) and “Russia will be free.”

Then the column moved to St. Isaac’s Square, to the city parliament, chanting “We are in power here.” The police warned of the arrests, but when they began, the bulk of the people had already moved towards Sennaya Square.

Activists raised the LGBT rainbow flag that read “for Navalny”. People raised posters over their heads – the inscription “My Russia is in prison” on the map of the country and a portrait of Navalny with the inscription “One for all and all for one.”

Gradually it got dark and people lit flashlights in their mobile phones, chanting “We are not afraid”, “Peter, come out”, slogans for Navalny and against Putin.The new slogan was “Hands off the FBK”.

When the crowd filled Sennaya Square, violent detentions began. People were dragged into paddy wagons, the security forces began to use stun guns. People were wringing their hands, the girl who was being dragged into the bus hit her head on the asphalt. To the shouts “Don’t hit the detainees,” the riot policeman calmly replied: “Who is hitting them?”

One of the participants of the rally carried a poster in the column “The state beats people in the stomach”

The crowd moved towards Nevsky, but then changed the route several times, and as a result, along the embankments and lanes they reached Pionerskaya Square, where people with burning lanterns, tricolors and posters from “Freedom to Navalny” and “Truth is not equal to extremism, freedom to Lehe” to “Blessed are those banished for truth, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”Activists chanted slogans.

OMON was waiting for people behind the building of the Youth Theater, arrests began at dusk, but soon the organizers announced the end of the action. A car parked on the square with the words “Department for the fight against palaces” and the tags “Ate my grandfather”, “Dirt warehouse”, “Aquadiskoteka” and “Coddog Zone” drove onto the road, people showed the brushes from the open windows of the car.

After that, when there were much more security officials than protesters on the street, especially harsh detentions began – near Pionerskaya Square and throughout the center, including Vosstaniya Square.Riot policemen were pressing people in the doorways with their faces to the wall, waiting for the arrival of the police wagons.

Photo author, Getty Images

At about 11 pm, the security forces cleared almost everything. The metro opened central stations, the detainees were loaded onto custom buses and taken to the police.

One of the last to detain an elderly man on a scooter: he was forced to fold the vehicle and loaded into a paddy wagon.

In total, thousands of protesters marched from Palace Square to Pionerskaya.The Ministry of Internal Affairs named the figure of 4.6 thousand people. OVD-Info reported that St. Petersburg has become the record holder for severe detentions and the number of police departments, where the Fortress plan was introduced – this is a special regime, which assumes that only employees can get inside. According to OVD-Info, as of 01:00, 743 people were detained in St. Petersburg.

How were the protests in the regions

In the regions, the most massive protests took place in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Yekaterinburg.

So, in Irkutsk, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 500 people took part in the action, and the local headquarters of Navalny reports about one and a half thousand.”Kommersant” writes about 300 participants, “” estimated their number at 1.3-2 thousand people. The security forces blocked the center, which caused the protesters to change their route. OVD-Info reports 14 detainees.

The action in Novosibirsk was more numerous. The Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated the number of participants at 1,000, and Navalny’s headquarters at 10,000. “Kommersant” in its report from the action writes about 3 thousand participants. There were no mass arrests in the city.

In Omsk, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 900 people came out on the street.”” counted about 2 thousand people. The action took place without detention.

Yekaterinburg became one of the leaders in terms of the number of protests: the headquarters estimated the number of demonstrators at 13 thousand people, the regional police department – at 5 thousand. Correspondent, who was on the action, estimated the number of participants at least 6.7 thousand people.

In the evening, the central streets of the city were blocked in connection with the rehearsal for the Victory Parade. The protesters changed their routes and walked along other streets – they were accompanied by the former mayor of the city Yevgeny Roizman.Local media reported on detentions at the rallies. “OVD-info” clarifies that it is about 10 detainees.

In the Far East, in the morning Moscow time, the first news of arrests came – in Magadan, activists walked along Lenin Avenue. In the city, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 40 people took part in the action. According to OVD-Info, three of them were detained, the telegram channel Avtozak.Live reported eight detainees.

In Vladivostok, security forces pulled additional forces into the city center, but there were no mass arrests.”Kommersant” counted 400-500 people at the rally in the city at the “peak moment” – at the start of the procession along the central streets of the city. The Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated the number of participants at 350 people.

In Khabarovsk, people gathered in the central square – the authorities pulled up military trucks to the place. By the beginning of the rally, the security forces tried to detain a man with a flag with the inscription “For Navalny”, but abandoned this idea after a crowd of activists gathered around and chanted slogans in support of the oppositionist.The Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated the number of participants in the action at 200 people. There were no mass arrests.

In Ulan-Ude (40 people, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs), the police offered the activists to leave the central square, referring to the treatment of the territory from ticks. Local mass media reported about mass arrests, but OVD-info spoke about only four detainees.

In Kemerovo, at a rally in the city center, according to OVD-Info, 36 people were detained, including a journalist recognized as a foreign agent of the Siberia newspaper.The realities of “Andrey Novashov. Most of them were released without protocols.

At least 150 people came to the central square in Kurgan, about 100 young people could not join them because of the cordon and watched what was happening from the walls of the regional government. According to the data” OVD-Info “, there are 12 detainees in the city.

In Rostov-on-Don, the organizers changed the place of the action an hour and a half before the start, as the security forces cordoned off Theater Square from lunchtime.

By seven in the evening on the square near the public library, which had become meeting point, there were no more than 200 people.Almost an hour after the start of the rally, more people joined the crowd: according to the BBC correspondent, the maximum number of rally participants reached a thousand people. At some point, the crowd moved down Pushkinskaya Street, shouting traditional slogans: “Freedom for political prisoners”, “We are in power here,” “Let go.”

In the middle of the street, the protesters ran into the fences, then moved back, again resting against the cordons, then turned around again.

“Yes, go to the sides, where there are no obstacles,” – the policeman grumbled under his breath.According to him, the Rostov security forces did not receive instructions for “harsh detentions.” If the protesters began to sneak quietly into the side alleys, no one would touch them, he argued.

According to OVD-Info, no more than 15 people were detained during the action in Rostov.

“There are minors among the detainees,” Rostislav Pavlishchev, Rostov coordinator of “OVD-Info” told the BBC.But on the whole, we can say that there were no massive and harsh detentions in Rostov. “

In general, rallies were held peacefully throughout southern Russia.

According to the portal” “, about a thousand people came to the rally in Krasnodar. According to lawyer Mikhail Benyash, from 20 to 30 people were detained in Krasnodar.

At least six people were detained at the rally in Gelendzhik, Voice of Kubani reported.

More than 50 people were detained in Sochi, Yug.MBH-Media reported. There were over 300 people in total.As reported by “Kavkaz.Realii” (included in the register of foreign media agents), people behaved in a markedly peaceful manner, did not shout slogans, but at the end of the event the police carried out harsh arrests.

An employee of the local headquarters Navalny was detained in Volgograd five minutes before the start of the rally. According to estimates, at least 15 people were detained in Volgograd – at the rally itself, unknown persons sprayed a pepper spray.

In Astrakhan, at least 10 people were detained during a rally in support of Navalny, reports Yug.MBH media “.

Police violence

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and other official bodies did not report cases of violence against police officers.

At the same time, in the regions, OVD-info received signals from activists about the use of violence against them.

Daniil Stanislavsky, detained in Tula, said that he was beaten and tried to take away his phone

In Ufa, according to the newspaper, at the police station No. 6 in the Oktyabrsky district, a policeman hit one of the detainees after refusing to give the phone back.

In Chelyabinsk, a man was caught in his throat. Yabloko party member Alexander Shadrin was beaten by riot police.

Viktor Kolbin, detained in St. Petersburg, complained that the police did not allow him to communicate with the hotline operator, confiscated his belongings and beat him on the head.

In Magadan, one of the detainees, Dmitry Zhurov, complained that during his arrest he had been hit with his head on a car.

A resident of St. Petersburg Daniil told OVD-Info that he was filming the rally, three riot policemen ran up to him and knocked him to the ground.and on the way to the paddy wagon three times they hit me with a stun gun on the thighs and stomach, saying “this is what you need.”

Because of this, the man suffering from arrhythmia began an attack, which he managed to stop with pills.

Political results

At the same time, regarding the past actions, the methods of the police, especially in Moscow, were relatively soft, said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. “After [Putin’s] message, which will become the topic of both today’s and the final weekly news releases, harsh arrests could have given a too contrasting picture – and this was clearly tried to avoid,” he said.

Political scientists doubt that the current actions, like the January protests, will affect the situation with Navalny and FBK.

The supporters of Navalny and the non-systemic opposition do not have many options to improve the fate of the politician, political analyst Tatyana Stanovaya comments on the BBC. In her opinion, the Kremlin basically rejects any possibility of a dialogue on the Navalny theme, and so far the initiative is completely in the hands of the authorities, she is sure.

Makarkin agrees that the attitude towards the non-systemic opposition is unlikely to change – and, apparently, the FBK will be recognized as an extremist organization, which will negatively affect the members and donors of the fund.

Material prepared with the participation of Olga Shamino th, Anastasia Lotareva and Olesya Gerasimenko

Reading? Famous Krasnodar residents took part in a blitz-survey about books on their international day

It was proclaimed at the UNESCO session. The date was chosen in memory of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega on April 23, 1616. This day was invented to educate and develop cultural traditions, as well as taking into account the fact that books are the most important means of spreading knowledge and the most reliable way to preserve it.

Today we asked famous Krasnodar residents about books and authors. Communication format: blitz-poll, because all the speakers are busy people, but they were able to give us a couple of minutes.

Alexander Trembitsky, vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory:

Are you reading?

– Now I read very rarely, and even then more to children than to myself. General employment affects.

Do you have a favorite author?

– I don’t have a favorite author, there used to be those whose books I paid attention to in the first place.Over time, the author’s preferences have been replaced by genre preferences, now I read more biographical and historical literature.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– The story of Boris Vasiliev “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”.

Which editions do you prefer: paper or electronic?

– On paper, but for convenience I also use electronic ones.

Do you think gadgets can replace books?

– Never! Reading a printed book involves all the senses: you feel it with your fingers, you smell it, you hear the rustling of pages … an e-book deprives you of the fullness of these sensations.

Evgeny Pervyshov, Mayor of Krasnodar:

Are you reading?

– Not recently.

Do you have a favorite author?

– Valentin Pikul.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”, I read it several times, and each time I discovered something new for myself.

Which editions do you prefer: paper or electronic?

– On paper.

Do you think gadgets can replace books?

– No, there will always be paper book lovers.

Natalya Ferreira, wife of FC Krasnodar footballer Ari:

Are you reading?

– I read books every day before bed.If I read alone, then this is the business of a book. Sometimes we read each other’s chapters with my husband.

Do you have a favorite author?

– Favorite authors probably all the same as were, and will remain the authors of classical literature. Such as Bulgakov and Dostoevsky. From foreign countries – Antoine de Saint-Exupery – in fact, his story “The Little Prince” is my favorite.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– “The Little Prince” is a wise book that talks about respect for people, about responsibility to humanity.

Which editions do you prefer: paper or electronic?

– Paper only. This is the peculiarity of reading. And the eyes of the shore.

Do you think gadgets can replace books?

– The rustling of pages, the scent of typography – how can this be replaced with gadgets? Never.

Anna Volodina, special correspondent and presenter of the Krasnodar TV channel:

Do you read books?

– Yes, every day is a must for the soul (before going to bed and on the way to and from work).

Do you have a favorite author?

– Poets: Lermontov, Mayakovsky and Asadov. Prose writers: Dostoevsky, Zoshchenko, Murakami, Bradbury, Sagan, J. Darrell. In general, there are many of them.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– “Fahrenheit 451”, “Quiet Don”, books directed by George Danelia.

Which editions do you prefer: paper or electronic?

– I love paper ones.Electronic ones are convenient because you can read even at night (without disturbing others), and you can also download something that is too expensive or has not yet been published in print.

Do you think gadgets can replace books?

– Never! Gadgets will not replace tactile contact with paper or cover. Illustrations in a paper book. And the art of good publishing houses.

Diana Gorban, Chairman of the “Union of Journalists of the Krasnodar Territory”:

Do you read books?

– I read every day, usually in the evening, before going to bed.This is a long-term habit. On weekends during the day I often relax with a book. This is the best relaxation. By the way, my adult son also reads a lot.

Do you have a favorite author?

– Probably not a favorite author. Although at one time she was fond of books by Boris Akunin, Tatyana Ustinova, Leonid Yuzefovich. I read the entire cycle of books on psychology by Dr. Litvak. Yes, I love Guberman very much.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– I was emotionally shocked by the books of Guzel Yakhina.Everything that she describes in “My children” and “Zuleikha opens her eyes” I feel with every cell. I believe that this author (female – according to the opinion of many) is outside of time, outside of generations, outside of gender.

Which editions do you prefer: paper or electronic?

– I read both paper and electronic – when I can. I still visit bookstores and buy some new items in paper. By the way, I often donate paper books myself.

Do you think gadgets can replace books?

– Most likely they won’t.Just as theaters and cinemas exist, paper books will also live. This is part of the culture of humanity.

Mila Ushakova, Krasnodar millionaire tiktoker:

Do you read books?

– Due to my busy schedule, I rarely read. Once a month, if I get to reading, it’s already good.

Do you have a favorite author?

– No.

What book left a mark on your soul?

– “2012” (I do not remember the author, unfortunately).