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Chic casual fashion: Simple Tips To Attain A Casual Chic Look


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The casual fashion style is no longer recommended only for the weekend and you can easily adopt it during the week days as well; both evening and morning outfits work. This is because the casual style met a friend a few years ago: mister chic. Chic transforms any outfit that might seem trivial at first sight into something sophisticated, feminine and fun to wear. Furthermore, if you adopt the casual chic style, you will have more options available, because the rule in this domain is simple: just pick a few basic clothes and match them in different ways with accessories.

The rules changed, especially in this winter season that is almost over. Casual chic style, if it is correctly adopted, puts an accent on personal comfort, without having to make sacrifices in order to be well dressed and sophisticated.

Here are some casual chic pieces:

– Stripes are always in fashion. You can choose both horizontal and vertical format, depending on your taste;

– Large pants work with almost anything and they are super comfortable;

– Skinny jeans allow you to dress in any way you want – you can wear them during the day, at your office or even during the night, because they look good with high heels and any other kind of shoes;

– Combine tights with a large shirt and a tight sweater around the wrist and wear some sport shoes – it’s almost the definition of the casual chic style;

– A nice blazer will make any outfit look pretentious;

– A plaid shirt with buttons is a must have in any wardrobe. You can wear it in any way you want;

Some rules before you decide to choose the casual chic style:

Hats, sunglasses, scarves, belts and hair accessories have a huge impact and they represent something that you should focus on if you want to be chic. Accessorizing is the basic rule and it transforms any simple, casual outfit into something extremely chic.

Dancers and any other casual shoes – dressing casual chic doesn’t mean you need to give up wearing high heels, even though the casual shoes are a great way to give your legs a break. Trendy boots complete a winter look while some dancers or sandals allow you to look great and feel great during the hot seasons. Yes, you can be feminine without high heels. Colorful sneakers are a fun way to ‘update’ any outfit.

Jewelries – the power of jewelries… you can remark them in any outfit. Any clothing is ‘revitalized’ when you accessorize it properly. This style is based on some basic pieces, so you could experiment with a big jewelry, like a necklace.

Also, you need to focus on the basic pieces. You know you have a casual chic style when you have some pieces that can be mixed and assorted in different ways at any time.

A white dress, a big brown bag, a pale sweater and some skinny jeans represent examples of pieces that can be worn with anything. Choose them carefully, because they will be your most important weapons – you will be able to combine them in many ways with the accessories we were talking about and you will have the possibility to have a really nice collection of different outfits.

Casual chic colors:

Start with a basic palette, such as black and white. After that, add some colors like navy and green in order to keep your outfit sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to add pink or coral accents and try to have fun when you adopt this style.


How to Wear Casual Clothing for Women


Are you heading to a laid-back date or a party and you’re not sure how to dress ‘informally’? While it’s the most straightforward dress code to choose from, it can be complicated to get right. If you’re a fan of sneakers and skirts or jeans and a nice top, here are the best casual outfits for stylish ladies – no matter where you’re going!


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What is casual dress code?

Whether you’re going out with your friends or you’re heading to the office on a casual Friday, a laid-back style is the best way to go. Casual dress code typically consists of jeans, T-shirts, and cardigans. If you prefer skirts and sneakers, go for it! This is a relaxed and comfortable type of dressing – have some fun!



Casual Outfits


Heading to the farmer’s market or a runway show has never looked so good. A simple T-shirt can take the edge off a fancy outfit – rock it with a pair of bold pants and boots, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere. If you prefer a more feminine style, you can’t go wrong with a cute skirt and strappy sandals. Add bold accessories to complete the look, and you’ll be ready for almost any event!



Get the Look


Tops & Hoodies

If you’re running late to dinner with friends and you don’t want to take off your hoodie, have no fear. Swap out your tracksuit pants for a midi skirt and boots or mules. When the temperature drops, why not try it on with a pair of leather pants? Playing with layers is the key to a great outfit – tuck in your hoodie or a sweatshirt or add a chunky necklace so you can go from day to night in an instance.



Get the Look



What better outfit is there than jeans and a nice top? Channel your inner ’70s model in a pair of flares and a printed shirt. Showcase your shoulder with a crop top, or switch things up with statement denim and killer heels. If you’re on your way to dinner, swap out your sneakers for loafers or stilettos. This will instantly elevate your look casually.


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Minis, maxis and everything in between – sometimes you just can’t beat a classic skirt. Tuck a T-shirt into the mid-length skirt and mix up your patterns for a bold look. Freshen up an outfit by rocking a pair of chunky boots and a jumper – you can wear this ensemble during the transitional seasons without a fuss. Up the ante with delicate accessories like drop earrings or an elegant bracelet and you can go from a cafe to the office in no time!



Get the Look



Enjoy the warmer days in a lovely, flowing dress. Whether you’re a fan of bold patterns or a linen blend, you can’t beat a cute frock in a casual setting. Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or down this outfit with simple accessories. Opt for a cute midi, cardigan, and sandals – cinch your waist with an oversized belt, and you’ll get mistaken for a supermodel!


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Get the Look


Jackets & Coats

If the mercury drops and you’re feeling rather chilly, casual outerwear is the way to go. From duster coats to denim jackets, there are many easy ways you can stay toasty and do it in style. Opt for a loud color if you’re wearing monochrome, or set yourself apart from the rest in an all-white ensemble. Mix and match with your shades and play with lengths to establish the ultimate high fashion outfit.



Get the Look


When it comes to dressing casually, comfort is key. During transitional and colder months, enjoy the warmth and style of chunky knitwear. Oversized puff sleeves are fantastic with jeans or a mini skirt, and a rollneck looks best with a pinafore or a midi skirt. Swap out your sneakers for a pair of thigh-high boots and tights, and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway.



Get the Look



While casual dressing draws a lot of focus on clothes, it’s essential to not forget about the footwear. Mules, flats, sandals, and sneakers – they’re all great options if you’re keen on comfort without sacrificing style. Make a statement in a shoe that picks up on one of the colors of your ensemble, or in a contrasting shade – it’s an easy way to up the ante with your outfit with going over the top.


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When to Wear Casual Outfits?

Casual Daytime

When heading out for the day, keep it comfy. Wide leg pants and loafers or low heel pumps with a tucked-in long sleeve top look great with a statement chain necklace and bag. For warmer days, go for a printed dress with sneakers or low heel booties. As for the head accessories, rock hairpins, minimal earrings, and sunglasses.



Get the Look


Casual Evening Events

Whether you’re going to a night market or a friend’s birthday party, you can don a casual outfit with a fancy twist. Midi skirts are an easy way to keep yourself comfy while looking incredibly stylish. Complete the look with a skimming rollneck or an oversized button-down. If you prefer to wear pants, put a spin on an ’70s classic by rocking a sequin suit in a bright shade. Playing with different lengths and textures helps create depth to your outfit without looking over the top.



Get the Look


Casual Date Night

Spend the night with your significant other in style, without sacrificing on comfort. A cute coordinate with a rollneck plays homage to ’90s Versace – complete the look with a pair of stilettos, and you’re set. Swap out a button-down shirt with a band T-shirt, slip on a leather pencil skirt and a denim jacket. You can quickly put a romantic spin on a laidback look with a pair of drop earrings or bold red lip.

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Get the Look


How to Wear Casual Outfits

  • Comfort is key – remember to feel cozy when you’re dressing casually.
  • Jeans is a great place to start for a casual outfit.
  • Play with layers for the best transitional season outfit.  
  • Mix and match with textures for a laidback feel.
  • Have some fun! Dress to make you happy and relaxed.



What does a casual outfit mean?

Casual outfits refer to a look that is comfortable and relaxed. This usually consists of informal garments like jeans, a T-shirt, and even skirts. A simple T-shirt, for example, can dress down a look, taking the edge off a fancier outfit.

What are the types of casual wear?

Casual refers to outfits that are relaxed and can be worn every day. They should not take more than a few minutes to pull together and have a very laid-back aesthetic. You can have cute casual, casual chic, or business casual, all of which combine informal but stylish items and allow you to show off your personality with your looks.

How do you dress casual?

Dressing casual is really quite simple. You want to focus on the fit, comfort, and a few key staples. A T-shirt is a wonderful example, as you can easily dress it up or down. You can wear it underneath a blazer for a business casual look, or pair it with a cute skirt for a feminine yet informal appearance. Jeans are also great and can be paired with a nice top, and skirts — everything from mini to maxis — can be worn with T-shirts, chunky knits, and even a simple top.

How can I look stylish but casual?

A casual outfit doesn’t mean it’s sloppy, and you should always pay attention to the fit and proportion. For example, if you intend to wear mom jeans, balance out the proportion with a more fitted top. If you are opting for skinny jeans, then you can opt for a loose fit. Tighter or cropped jackets look great over flowy dresses and choosing a limited color palette also creates a more sophisticated feel.


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Casual Chic

Drawing inspiration from past trends, the concept of casual chic in men’s fashion defines the process of reinventing lines and shapes to achieve contemporary outfits, informal looks and a laidback style. Boglioli’s casual chic men’s clothing is easy to wear and gently adjusts to the body shaping creative, refined and elegant styles.

What is the casual chic dress code? It is a semi-informal style, which carefully combines elegant items, such as tailored trousers and shirts and classic suits and knitwear, with other less dressy ones, such as unstructured jackets, jeans, sneakers or garment-dyed items. The smart casual chic style has become a trend on the catwalks worldwide and more and more fashion designers are now offering these new trendy outfits. Casual chic clothing is refined and classy, though not sticking to the traditional standards of elegant fashion. It is ideal for leisure occasions of any kind while also being suitable for work settings, business meetings or special events such as a vernissage or an informal cocktail party.

In casual chic outfits, taste and class in the combinations  are the factors that make the difference. Feeling at ease with the clothes you wear is very important: if you can’t do without jeans, you can always choose dark and elegant denims combined with a buttoned shirt or a matching cardigan. Through harmony and balance, all decisive men who want to confirm their personality through their unmistakable dressing style can find their perfect outfit for every occasion.

Boglioli’s new catalogue reinterprets the concept of modern casual chic with an elegant yet simple style, deeply rooted in tradition but also coupled with our brand’s distinctive innovative spirit. Superior craftsmanship, quality and great care to details define new style concepts resulting in unprecedented Made in Italy men’s fashion items. Unique class, stunning details and versatility: this is casual chic style for Boglioli, a brand that for over 40 years has been setting the trends in the world of men’s fashion and clothing.

The Casual Clothes We’re Buying In 2021


After a year of hibernation, we’ve lost all sense of what casual clothes actually are.

Given that we’ve been stuck in lounge and sportswear for this long, we thought it would be good to have a little refresher on what makes a fantastic casual outfit, taking cue from content creators (and stylish women) such as Brittany Bathgate and Monikh Dale.

While jeans and trainers are obvious contenders for the best casual clothes (for good reason), we don’t think you should be sleeping on roomy shirt dresses, good quality sandals, sturdy bodysuits and chunky knits. While some items work for every budget, we think sometimes these casual staples are worth investing in, to ensure even on your most chill of days, you feel luxe.

From the right New Balance trainers to nab, to styling tricks that with give life to even the dullest pair of leggings, here are 35 casual outfits to inspire your next trip to the shop.

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Birkenstocks ftw

The German shoe has timeless ugly shoe appeal.



Rock a statement coat

Keep your jeans and T-shirt interesting with a patterned, statement coat.



Crop it up

A cropped jumper is a fun way to play with proportions while keeping comfy.



Try short shorts

Tights, a puffer jacket and boots mean no matter the chill, you can try short shorts.



Go hands free with a crossbody bag

While we can only dream of owning The Row’s crossbody bag, we look to Arket’s nylon version for ultimate practical points that won’t break the bank.



Swaddle yourself in a jumper dress

Size up in a merino or cashmere dress for ultimate cosy vibes.



Borrow royal style with a quilted jacket

Quilted coats are everywhere at the moment, and for good reason – they look so cute, while still being very practical.



Dare in cream jeans

To be worn all year round, risk the stains with cream jeans.



Sports and workwear combined

Be it loafers and leggings, or a shirt with a sweater, mix formal pieces for loungewear for that louche look.



Forever frayed jeans

You can either take your own scissors to your straight-leg jeans, or buy pre-distressed.



Colour drench your loungewear

Even the comfiest of loungewear looks more put together when all in one hue.



Relaxed tailoring at home

Size up in wide-leg suit trousers, preferably palazzo, and in a natural fabric.



Not-so-prim A-line skirts

Opt for conservative styles with chunky shoes and knits.



Suits you

Oversized tailoring can be dressed down with trainers.



Get on the chunky sole trend

Big boots with big clompy treads toughen up even the sweetest ensemble.



That ’70s style

A retro leather jacket elevates even the oldest of band T-shirts.



A cardigan as top

There should be nothing between you and your knitwear, not even a bra.



Long live the shacket

Part shirt, part jacket, the shacket is a casual clothes must.



Hoodies are back

Layer your luxe hoodie under a crisp trench coat.



You’re a tennis skirt pro

Tennis skirts were everywhere last summer, and we predict this year will be no different.



Geography teacher trainers


Be a lumberjack

Tartan shirts give a relaxed feel to any ensemble (and you can often ‘borrow’ from any man in your life).



The Diana tuck

Our favourite styling trick of the moment – the Diana tuck – means wellies and joggers are the chicest pairing about.



Grandad vests always

Knitted vests feel very fresh, despite being an old staple – go chunkier for more impact.



The oversized shirt dress

Shirt dresses in a natural fabric are perfect for layering.



Get your skate sneakers on

Skate style trainers are the most elegant and versatile sneaker style.



Never go wrong with a puffer jacket


Who says loungewear means tracksuits?

While loungewear separates are a go-to, we’re partial to the loungewear maxi dress made with quality construction, that can quickly be transformed into a casual outfit with boots and a jacket, and rolled up for a weekend away.



Let’s get physical

Perhaps one for the brave, bodysuits can take you from gym to coffee hangout.



Dress down leather

Long shorts are the easiest way to dress down leather.



Cycle away

At this point, why don’t you have a pair of cycling shorts? Super comfy and flattering, they are a great layering staple – but make sure they’re good quality to avoid pilling and transparency.



Aran jumper, supersized

A traditional Aran knit (a forever piece) looks super cool when supersized.



Work it welly

Wellies have been given a chic makeover, and have become investment items to be worn everywhere from the streets of Paris to the muddy hills of England.



Socks and sandals make a comeback

Forget the rules, pair your fisherman sandals with cotton socks.



Just be a teddy bear

You’ll look good enough to cuddle in a fleece coat.


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7 Pro Tips To Look Great (2020 Updated)

Casual dress code for men is perhaps men’s best chance to express a true sense of personal style.

Whether you prefer something sleek or rugged, upscale or down-to-earth, men’s casual wear is an open invitation to dress in what feels most comfortable to you.

Rather than focusing on formalities, dressing casually is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style – think fashionable yet functional outfits.

Ripped jeans can be worn for a dressed-down casual style

Keeping it casual

The freedom and flexibility of the casual dress code can be a little overwhelming. Most men will thus tend to retreat into the default foolproof outfit: jeans, t-shirt and a cool pair of sneakers. But you will see later in this article that there are more subtleties to spice up your casual look.

We know, understanding all of the style nuances can seem daunting which is why we decoded some of the most common dress codes for men (goodbye sartorial nightmares!), starting with the most casual and working our way up to the most formal.

This article is part of a style series covering the 5 essential dress codes men can be required to wear:

  1. Casual style
  2. Smart casual style
  3. Business casual style
  4. Business professional style
  5. Cocktail attire style

Chris Pine’s dressed-up casual style

The modern casual look for men

Welcome to our 2020 casual look guide for the modern man. We’ve broken down this guide into several sections. You can skip to the part that’s most important to you right now if you want.

  1. What is the Casual wear?
  2. Casual men wardrobe basics: 26 essential items to perfect your look
    1. Denim jeans
    2. Casual T-shirts
    3. Polo shirts
    4. Casual shirts
    5. Chinos
    6. Casual knitwear
    7. Casual jackets
    8. Hoodies
    9. Casual footwear
    10. Cargo and Bermuda shorts
    11. Accessories and accents
  3. Pro style tips and basic principles to rock the casual look
  4. 5 casual fashion brands to know in 2020
    1. Polo Ralph Lauren
    2. Tom Ford
    3. J. Crew
    4. Adidas
    5. Nike
  5. Casual dress code: Frequently asked questions

What is the

Casual wear?

Not a specific dress code per se, Casual wear is loosely defined as “anything traditionally considered inappropriate for more formal occasions.

Casual wear is relaxed, with the right amount of elegance and laid back and suited for everyday use. Casual clothes typically blend personal comfort and individuality – since you have to mix and match different garments to create your unique look.

Experiment and discover what works best for you. You can, quite literally, wear what you want (except maybe if you are thinking of running errands in your couch potato wear).

If there are no strict rules and few limits, there still are style guidelines for Casual clothes worn outside of the privacy of your home, however.

Whether you choose to keep it simple or are feeling a little adventurous, Casual can be interpreted slightly differently depending on the situation and venue. This leaves you with the difficult task of figuring out what to wear to find the sweet spot between overdressed and underdressed.

When in doubt, you should always subscribe to the golden rule that it’s always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed whatever the occasion may be.

A simple casual shirt can easily uplift your look

Casual men wardrobe basics: 26 essentials items to perfect your look

The Casual style is very much influenced by trends, from high street to high end. But if you want to future-proof your casual wardrobe, there are a few timeless pieces that every man should own.

Casual wear usually revolves around a set of basics and classic essentials that form the building blocks of your personal style.

From casual pants like well-fitted jeans or chinos to casual button-down shirts and sneakers, we’ve round-up here those essentials that you can mix and match to maximise the potential of your wardrobe staples.

We have picked two examples of each item—one luxury option for the man who doesn’t mind paying a premium to elevate his style, and one budget-friendly and nevertheless stylish alternative.

1. Denim jeans

The backbone of the casual outfit since the 1950s, great fitting jeans can easily be dressed up or toned down.

If you want to project a more polished appearance, opt for a quality pair of jeans in straight-leg styles and a dark wash.

For a more laid-back, off-duty look, go for cuts in lighter hues. Whatever style you choose, denim is always a failsafe go-to style that you can take in many different directions.


Dark Navy Denim Jeans


501 Original Straight Jeans

2. Casual T-shirts

Inherently casual, T-shirts are an essential part of any man’s basic wardrobe. The humble T-shirt is easy to wear, subtly stylish and as versatile as it gets – it can be worn with anything, even dressed-up tailoring.

For your T-shirt, the rule is to keep it simple. Opt for classic crew-neck cotton T-shirts in plain colours. White, navy, black and grey are good starting points.

You can spice up your casual outfit with some bold patterns, styles and designs if you want. But always make sure to find the right fit for your body type. You want a T-shirt that hugs your body but doesn’t look like a second skin. There is nothing worse than unflattering cuts.


Ring-Spun Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt


Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt

3. Polo shirts

One level of formality above the T-shirt, the Polo shirt is another essential in your wardrobe.

You can’t go wrong when dressing casually if you combine a premium pair of jeans with a polo shirt. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good polo shirt but you do need to make sure that it fits your body type.

That said, there are a few premium polo shirts that are absolutely beautiful with high-quality materials and cut. So if you want to spend more on a luxury polo, you absolutely can.


Garment-Dyed Cotton-Piqué Polo Shirt


Men’s Modern-Fit Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

4. Casual shirts

Casual long- or short-sleeved shirts are essential when you want to look a little sharper. For a more relaxed look, you can unbutton and roll the cuffs.

Just like for your T-shirt, start building up your shirt wardrobe with the essential colours. A white classic shirt is a foundation. Make sure that the collar looks good when left open to the third button but also when fully buttoned up.


Button-Down Collar Cotton-Piqué Shirt


Slim-fit Long-Sleeve Solid Oxford Shirt

5. Chinos

Chinos are an excellent style item to mix things up from time to time. The same upper outfit worn with chinos instead of your jeans will instantly change your overall appearance.

Invest in the right cut in classic colours such as khaki, navy and beige which are easy to match. Comfortable and stylish, chinos also can help you achieve a smart casual look. Chinos are also perfect for occasions with ambiguous dress codes, especially the smart casual and business casual styles.


Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Twill Chinostion


Flat Front Straight-Fit Chinos

6. Casual knitwear

Casual knitwear is another perfect item to mix things up from time to time. Both stylish and easy to throw on, knitwear is a basic essential of any man’s casual wardrobe.

Wear your casual knitwear as an outer layer or underneath a lightweight jacket. Opt for a cut that works well both with your shirts and T-shirt to give you more combination options.


Shawl-Collar Ribbed Mélange Cotton Cardigan


100% Irish Merino Wool Men’s Shawl Neck Cardigan

7. Casual jackets

A lightweight jacket is a fashionable finishing touch that can add plenty of individuality to a relaxed look. It’s one of the items in your wardrobe that will stay with you for years, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality model. We like jackets so much that we dedicated an entire guide to men bomber jackets.

Our advice is to stick to the classics that won’t go out of style after six months.


Padded Shell Bomber Jacket


Essentials 3-Stripe Tricot Track Jacket

8. Hoodies

A streetwear staple, the hoodie is a great layering piece to keep you warm or add an edgy attitude and athleisure vibe to your casual outfits. Pair it with something sleek for a modern look. To avoid looking sloppy, go with premium fabric and finishing and pair your hoodie with sleek pants.


Wool And Cashmere-Blend Hoodie


Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

9. Casual footwear

It’s important to put your best foot forward even when dressing casually. Luckily, the luxury sneaker market has seen astounding growth over the past few years with new high-end sneakers being released every month. Check our in-depth guide to men sneakers to help you find the perfect pair.

For a ‘classic’ look, wear white sneakers that can be worn with virtually every style – go for leather if you want a more polished look.

Don’t limit yourself to sneaker only, however. There are many other casual footwear alternatives such as boat shoes, desert boots and loafers for smarter looks.


Ace Watersnake-Trimmed Leather Sneakers


MX 608 Leather Sneakers

10. Cargo and Bermuda shorts

Depending on the occasion and climate, a pair of cargo or Bermuda shorts can be appropriate. They should be in high-quality fabrics and fit you well. Even if the occasion is relaxed enough to wear shorts, make sure that you don’t look sloppy.

Caution: shorts can easily look underdressed in the wrong context.


Garment-Dyed Cotton-Twill Bermuda Shorts


Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Short

11. Accessories and accents

Accessories are perfect to add a touch of personality to your casual outfit and enhance your overall look. You can stay consistent with accessories that will support your look or go completely in the opposite direction to create your own unique style. Think a high-end watch with your most casual outfit or a dressed down belt with your premium denim.


Dark-Brown Glossed-Leather Belt


Leather Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle


Weekender 38mm Watch


Intrecciato Leather Billfold Wallet

7 Pro style tips and basic principles to rock the casual look

We’ve reached out to a panel of expert stylists and fashion advisers to ask for their recommendations on the casual dress style. Here are their tips to help you look great when dressing casually:

  1. Start with your goals. This will form the backbone of your style. Do you want to project an air of assurance? Do you want to show that you care about an occasion and dressed up accordingly? Or do you prefer to prioritise comfort first and foremost?
  2. Dress accordingly. Pick an outfit that will help you achieve your goals.
  3. A few timeless items are worth investing more in. Some items in your wardrobe won’t last for more than a season. You shouldn’t spend too much on those. But others will stay with you for years. That’s the case with a premium bomber jacket, high-end sneakers, or a luxury watch, for example. Decide which pieces you want to keep and invest in quality over quantity.
  4. Cover your bases. When starting to build up your wardrobe, begin first with neutral colours such as black, white, navy, tan, grey and brown for your outfit. Those are all easy to mix and match and will never go out of fashion.
  5. Elevate and personalise your look with a one or two items. Once you have the foundations of your style in place, you can add your own personality to your outfit by playing with luxurious fabrics such as silk or cashmere and bolder colours. These should be reserved for your accessories such as your belt, watch strap, socks, etc.
  6. Consider the occasion before selecting your casual outfit. Whatever your own personal style is, you should always pay close attention to your environment and social context. Understand what is expected and then design your outfit according to your goals.
  7. Always look for the right fit. There is nothing more saddening than seeing a man pulling out the right style with the wrong fit. It will completely ruin your efforts if your clothes are overly tight and uncomfortable or too baggy and sloppy. If you invest time defining your style, make sure that the execution is right.

Casual beachwear doesn’t have to be sloppy

5 casual fashion brands to know in 2020

When shopping for new clothes, you should always decide first what you want and then look for the best items to complete your look. We don’t recommend that you start by picking a brand and then aimlessly browse through their collections.

That said, there are a few selected brands that our style editors tend to favour over others. Those are the brands that offer superior quality for the right price and never seem to disappoint us.

It’s important that you know which brands you can trust when shopping online so you don’t waste time or money. Check also our list of the 15 most popular luxury brands of the year for more inspiration.

Here is our selection of the 5 best casual attire brands for men.

  1. Polo Ralph Lauren
  2. Tom Ford
  3. J.Crew
  4. Adidas
  5. Nike

1. Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the quintessential premium American casual style brand. The designer brand delivers superb quality with long-lasting items. From their iconic Polo shirts to their relaxed chinos, every piece will elevate your style.



2. Tom Ford

Tom Ford stands for the ultimate mix of bold design and refined fabrics and materials. Add a few high-end pieces from Tom Ford’s collection to your wardrobe to instantly upscale your look.



3. J.Crew

J.Crew offers easy-to-wear modern style staples with high-end finishing without breaking the bank. No wonder the low-key luxury brand is winning legions of fans across the world.



4. Adidas

Adidas brought high-end sportswear to the street. With innovative design and premium fabrics, the brand deserves a spot on your casual fashion list.



5. Nike

Iconic sportswear brand Nike is upping its fashion game with athletic innovation and timeless premium design. Discover their luxury collaboration capsules to add some wow to your wardrobe.



Casual dress code: Frequently asked questions

  • Question: Are jeans OK for casual dress?
    Answer: Yes. Denim jeans are the epitome of versatile clothing. You can easily match the right pair of jeans with many pieces in our wardrobe for either a casual or a chic, trendy, and work-ready look. A good pair of jeans should last you a long time, so it’s worth investing in quality and a great fit.
  • Question: Are ripped jeans casual?
    Answer: It depends on the occasion and the quality of your ripped jeans. A pair of premium ripped jeans can sometimes be perfectly acceptable. But when in doubt, go for a more classic look.
  • Question: What’s considered casual attire?
    Answer: At its most basic, casual clothing means a pair of jeans or chinos with a polo shirt or a T-shirt.
  • Question: What is comfortable casual attire?
    Answer: If you received an invitation calling for a comfortable casual attire, it probably means that anything goes really. If there is a pool, you might also want to bring along your swim shorts.
  • Question: What should men wear in the office?
    Answer: It depends on your office culture, but a fully casual style is probably not advisable, except if you work in tech. A casual dress code for work will usually require a little more attention to your outfit. Check our guides to dressing smart casual, business casual, and business instead.

What is Casual Chic? – Style of Sam

Mr. S and I were given tickets to a charity dinner for the Boys and Girls Club a couple of weekends ago.  It was a last minute invite from a friend, and he was told the dress was casual chic.  I know what casual is, and I understand chic.  But what is casual chic?  I googled “casual chic” and this was the  definition I found (on Lifescript.com).  Casual chic attire basically requires that you mix a dressy element, like tailored slacks or a very feminine blouse, with something completely informal like a leather jacket or a pair of jeans.   

I went to lunch with some girlfriends and asked them for their advice about this attire!  I told them that I planned to wear jeans with some kind of dressy shirt!  Both told me that I should go on the dressier side.  It’s better to be over dressed versus under dressed.  So, I decided a black maxi with some chunky jewelry would have to work for casual chic.

dress :: Mon Amie (Ross or Marshall’s – I can’t remember)

necklace :: Premier

bracelet and earrings :: Anthropologie

bag :: Chanel

shoes :: Coach

At the event, there were all styles of dress.  A lot of ladies wore jeans and a dressy top.  I think many wore cowboy chic – cowboy boots and a dress!  Either way, it was lots of fun! 

I have to include some iphone pictures from that night.  The local band Le Freak played at dinner! The self proclaimed “Greatest Disco Band in the World” was so fun and a blast to watch!  I even danced on their disco floor!  Here is a pic of two the band members!  {It’s too funny not to post even though my eyes are closed!} They were awesome!

And if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you saw this weird post.  The charity dinner was outside in a park separated from the highway by train tracks.  There was a train derailment that night because a moving train crashed into a parked train.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  However, we had to wait a couple of hours while the police created an alternate way out of the park {through the neighboring golf course}!  It was nuts and we got home really late that night!  Such an event!

Have you ever gone to a casual chic event? What did you wear?

The chic casual style in 10 lessons

This is the dress style to adopt if you want to seduce. 67% of women say they are charmed by this look, according to a recent study Happn and GlossyBox . You are given the keys to adopt this trendy style.

What is casual chic?

Casual for the casual side. And classy for the class side. The chic casual style is therefore a hybrid look, halfway between evening costume and jogging. But no question of mixing sports pants and jacket jacket, the mix is ​​a little more subtle than that!

The difference with the preppy style is subtle. If the male preppy wears moccasins or boots-boat, the casual chic man prefers city shoes and sneakers. The border is tenuous, we admit. Especially since the followers of the preppy look and casual chic shares many tastes: polo, chino …
A little trick for beginners : adopt a casual look and make it twister with chic accessories !

What clothes to adopt?

Like all looks, casual chic brings together a set of clothes and accessories: pieces that instantly give style to our outfit, easy to adopt and that can be worn on all occasions.

The sailor . In the T-shirt or sweatshirt version, and even in a sweater, the sailor is the little fancy touch, the perfect pattern to adopt a chic casual style without too much playing uniformity.

The wool vest . Warm and stylish, it gives a touch of class to a look. This preppy garment is adoubé by all the adepts of casual chic.

The jeans . It is neither skinny nor grunge. The perfect jean is seating, not too tight but not too ample either, it must emphasize the body. Good to know: we have a weak for black jeans!

The chino . Between the suit pants and the jeans, it is the pants comfortable, not too chic but not too relaxed.

90,000 fashion bows 2021 for girls and women

Basic rules

Everyday clothes of a modern woman are notable for their convenience and practicality. Choosing a style for every day, the bulk of the beautiful half of humanity prefers simple wardrobe items. These things are usually executed in the spirit of minimalism with an emphasis on functionality.

A simple yet expensive look has become the foundation of every woman’s aspiration. Most of the wardrobe is designed for everyday use and has a number of its own characteristics. These criteria include comfort, simplicity of cut, quality and natural components of the materials of the product and its practicality.

An important factor for every woman of the fair sex is the aesthetics of clothing.The selection of the latest fashion industry novelties can not only change the mood, but also affect the outcome of the day. And if you create a harmonious stylish look, your lifestyle often changes for the better. There is time for walking, visiting the gym, outdoor activities. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to purchase products to the detriment of the financial situation.

Good everyday clothing is unassuming to care for. It is little wrinkled, resistant to pills and welcomes washing, while not deforming, retaining its shape and original color for a long time.

Skillful approach to its selection and combination with wardrobe items becomes the main accent of things for everyday use. And if sometimes it seems that it is difficult to make an ensemble of the same items, this does not mean at all that the manner of dressing should be scattered. By adhering to some rules, you can develop good taste and design your bow as well as stylists of famous brands.

What to look for

The main line of casual wear is divided into four directions: simple casual, respect casual, smart casual and chic casual.

Simple casual

Differs in a free cut and unpretentious composition. The composition of the kit allows for free combinations. It can be pants made of elastic material that does not hinder movements, jumpers, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets and sneakers.Such a group is characterized by materials that are unpretentious in care: cotton, denim, corduroy and knitwear.

The main task in composing the image is the harmony of combinations and a pleasant appearance. Therefore, in the line you can often find monochromatic products or options with a small discreet pattern. It is much easier to combine them, and the emphasis on what can and cannot be the best recommendation for creating a bow.

Chic casual

The line is interesting for the combination of incongruous. Such an extraordinary approach contributes to a creative image and sometimes becomes a new direction in the collections of fashion houses.Chic, subject only to courageous women of fashion, attracts a lot of attention from others. At the same time, things look appropriate, not forgetting about the feminine principle.

A typical choice of this line is a duet of jeans with sandals on a high thin stiletto heel, an option that combines a top and a hat into an ensemble. The composition of a sports leotard and an airy blazer looks extraordinary.

Smart casual

Respect Casual and Smart Casual define the privileged style that is inherent in lovers of high quality clothing, emphasizing the special status of the wearer.The directions literally breathe femininity and sophistication of nature.

Elements of the classics are reflected in the light version of the business woman’s suit. A graceful jacket is combined with knitwear, a skirt or skinny jeans. The line welcomes light silk and chiffon blouses, thin turtlenecks, knitted pullovers combined with low-heeled leather shoes.The presence of high quality accessories will add a note of grace and ease to the image.

Respect casual

The Respect Casual style is more strict, elegant and restrained. The appearance of such casual clothes is distinguished by respectability. Often, delicate colors of the material take part in the creation of the look, emphasizing the nobility and special status of a woman.

Ideal can consist of an adjacent cream jacket worn over a white blouse with a regular fit. Light trousers and brown sandals with high, wide heels complement the chic style, and a chiffon scarf with a contrast print round off the look.

The play of noble shades of coffee and white can fill an everyday look from a tight-fitting blouse and trousers in a premium class.

What to look for

First of all, it is necessary to determine the directions.The dress code for each occasion implies its own characteristics and often obeys the laws of society. Each social sphere has its own style of dressing. Personal choice is often governed by these rules.

You can express your individuality in one direction or another not only through the color of the set, but also with the help of accessories, as well as small iconic details.

If the business style adheres to strict classic suits, then the home version is distinguished by maximum comfort, softness, comfort and any paint color.

The urban set is divided into clothes with a smart slant and everyday options.Ensembles for travel, active lifestyle and outdoor recreation constitute a special direction of the everyday ensemble. They not only bring bright, cheerful colors to life, but also differ in maximum convenience. Such products are selected with greater freedom of choice and preference.

Sports versions are characterized by a loose fit that does not restrict movement. In this case, the shape can tightly fit the natural curves of the body.Due to the special properties of the materials, it is highly breathable, providing a favorable microclimate for the skin. Frequently chosen items are not inferior in appearance to elegant ensembles.

A set for every day should be practical, but not boring, free cut, but excluding asexual forms, light, without excessive openness.The individuality of the style of such things cannot be challenging: there should be a sense of proportion and harmony in everything. Regardless of the type of activity, comfort and a sense of confidence remain the main signs.

Any season of the year in the choice of products for everyday wear does not dictate standards. These things adhere to a democratic price, do not resemble high fashion and are far from extreme. They are close to common sense and aesthetics and do not change the personality of the owner.

Collections for different ages

The very concept of “everyday fashion” is widespread in the fashion industry.Considering this or that option, it is necessary to take into account not only the place, but also the age. For young and motivated girls, creative options are often allowed, due to the place of work. These can be design studios, fashion houses, clubs, etc. Ladies of mature age have their own characteristics in the choice of each direction of the wardrobe collection. Among them, restraint and calm color palette are especially noted.

As a rule, models for every day are devoid of aggression and excessive sexuality.The plunging neckline is intended for special occasions and formal dresses, so models for everyday life try to avoid piquant accentuation of forms.

Collections for young girls usually consist of more progressive and comfortable items. These are jeans, skinny, shorts, leggings, loose-fitting trousers, tops, T-shirts, jackets, cropped jackets, sweatshirts, tunics.

Casual style for women is often replete with sundresses, dresses, classic suits, cardigans. Beautiful clothes emphasize the dignity of the figure. Cotton shirts, dressing gowns, loose trousers made of flowing materials gently speak of the feminine principle.

Choice for every day

When choosing a thing you like, it is meant for a specific case. If it is planned to design an urban image, then this style is often formed on the principle of layering.It can be a set of top, shorts and a jacket cropped to the waist. The ensemble of a sweatshirt and leggings looks quite harmonious.

Light raincoat worn over a set of blouse and classic pleated shorts will perfectly fit into a business wardrobe.

Images for each day are devoid of unambiguous rules.Adhering to the fashion lines, they are tailored to the specific look. Flamboyant women of fashion often adorn their everyday look with skinny jeans, tops or t-shirts with a print, casually throwing mini-jackets over their shoulders. Elegant high-heeled shoes and a roomy bag complete the looks of such compositions.

Such a look will look surprisingly different on every girl: different texture of the material, length of products and saturation of shades, a variety of T-shirt models will bring their own flavor and uniqueness to the image.

It’s no secret that clothes are bought taking into account their appearance. The color of the skin, eyes and hair is equally important for the selection of colors. And knowledge of the features of the physique will allow you to choose the model you like with an ideal fit. Skillful playing around of flaws and emphasizing the merits of the figure will help to create an elegant look with visually correct proportions.

Don’t copy the style of fashion catalogs. It is important to remember that the main thing in any image is the woman herself, and clothes are a way of conveying inner peace and mood. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the wardrobe items are expensive. The thing should please, be a source of confidence and emphasize feminine beauty. Comfort and convenience will allow you to make the most of your day.

Plus size owners should take a closer look at noble dark shades: emerald, malachite, cherry, burgundy, smoky blue and chocolate will add shades of luxury to the image.

If possible, light colors should be excluded, since they can add additional volume to the figure. Combinations of color with strong contrasting top and bottom are best avoided, as a sudden color change will noticeably divide the shape horizontally.

When choosing clothes for every day, luxurious women will find products with vertical lines that visually slim and stretch the figure. For them, a bow from an elongated blouse, cardigan or tunic will be ideal.

Stylists recommend eliminating the emphasis on the waistline in the form of wide belts.Materials for this group should not sparkle or have large print colors. It is better to give preference to matte fabrics (silk, wool, knitted fabric or jersey).

Owners of short stature should avoid the length of dresses and skirts below the knee, as it visually reduces growth. The simplicity of the cut and moderate flaring of the skirts will emphasize the fragility and diminutiveness of nature.

Do not use horizontal stripes or children’s colors in the suit. Dresses for such girls can be trapezoidal, straight or adjacent silhouette. Short shorts or mini skirts will stretch your height. Above the knee hourglass dresses are perfect for a casual, feminine look. High-heeled shoes will complement the bow, adding solid growth.

An office suit with a classic cut and high waistline looks beautiful on any figure. A favorable accent of the neckline area draws attention to the dignity of the body, and a loose tunic will add style and charisma to the image.

90,000 Italian womens designer clothing and accessories for everyday life.

This season, the brand’s designers are exploring the images of bright individualists who are inherent in the world-famous French chic, femininity and elegance. The creators of the collection were also inspired by the lifestyle of modern explosive and eccentric personalities, but whatever the Oblique muses, they all definitely love and appreciate luxury, quality and sophisticated simplicity.

The many-sided assortment of the brand is able to make every woman attractive using secret techniques and optical illusions.Among them are shortened sleeves that expose the wrists, which gives the effect of a thin aristocratic arm, widened collar lines that make the neck longer and more graceful, a high waistline that gives the figure a femininity, plasticity, and, moreover, lengthens the legs. Every detail, of which there are a great many in Oblique clothing, is part of the creation of a unique silhouette. Folds, draperies, asymmetry; their combinations change the geometry of the body and reduce the visual volume. As a result, we have unexpectedly creative and sensual images.The flagship models of the season, as always, are a variety of dresses and blouses. Dresses are tailored based on oval geometry; sloping shoulders, boat necklines, skirts are slightly rounded at the bottom and have soft voluminous hems. Voluminous and silhouette blouses are decorated with many non-standard details and created by the designers working on the Vivienne Westwood collections.

The color scheme of the spring-summer 2016 season turned out to be stunningly bright. Here you can find fresh mint and sea wave, shades of light green and turquoise.For those who prefer a more traditional natural palette, there are yellow and pink tones in the collection, as well as rich orange and red colors. For trend lovers, there is an ultra-trendy deep blue shade.

Thematically, the collection is divided into several independent lines, which, however, are organically combined with each other, allowing you to experiment with your own style. Oblique offers many jersey designs; from basic ones with a simple pattern in the form of holes to a complex one – tricolor, with the effect of marble chips or 3D, made in the form of a translucent mesh of intricate weaving, and even with a pattern in the form of patterns in the sand left by the sea surf.

Sportswear is presented as non-standard street style. Despite her informal appearance, she looks feminine and even elegant. The models are made of felpas – delicate cotton with a brush on the seamy side with the use of laser technology, which makes them ideal companions for recreation and travel.

The “Stylish Office” line is an elegant dress that, with the help of accessories, can easily turn into evening dresses. The creators of these fashionable masterpieces – designers with experience with Victor & Rolf and Sportmax, used fashionable natural Rami fabric, which is not only durable but also beautiful.Products made from it have a natural shine, like silk, and also perfectly fit and look gorgeous.

No collection can be considered truly summer without a nautical theme and a cruise line. Here Oblique brings provocative sheer materials to the fore, fabrics flowing shimmering in the sun, maxi lengths, exotic tropics and prints inspired by the famous California Laguna Beach.

90,000 Casual wear, successful combinations for all ages and all genders

11 minutes to read.Views 1.8k.

Each of our days is associated with the appearance in public and the preliminary selection of an image suitable for upcoming events. Depending on age, occupation and place of residence, casual clothes for men, women and children differ in style, combinations and other features. If earlier successful selection of the image worried women more, now most men also strive to look fashionable, well-groomed and attractive.The result of this change was the interest of many children in fashion and the desire to imitate stylish adults. Men and women of different ages choose the right look for themselves in accordance with their favorite direction and personal preferences.

Main directions

The main task of everyday clothes is to be comfortable and reflect the inner world, the mood of a person. A correctly chosen style can make even a cloudy and difficult day cozy, comfortable and add self-confidence.The most successful sets for walks, trips and get-togethers with friends are formed due to the layering. Depending on the format of the upcoming event and personal preferences, you can complete your wardrobe with one of the casual style options or take care of the availability of a suitable set for any occasion.


The first, most common and common type of casual clothing style is “simple”. The translation of the name literally means “simple”.Clothes suitable for this direction include:

Bottom Upper part Top coat Shoes
jeans sweatshirts jackets loafers
breeches shirts cardigans sneakers
pants / trousers jumpers vests boots
Comfort skirts turtleneck moccasins

Comfort and freedom of movement are the main distinguishing features of people who prefer the everyday “simple” look.The entire structure of the image is formed around the legs and the clothes intended for them. After the choice is made, further combinations of wardrobe items, accessories and shoes take place. The best colors for the simple format are:

  • Black;
  • Khaki;
  • Deep blue;
  • Burgundy;
  • Beige;
  • Brown;
  • Gray.

Loose items fit organically into other combinations and look elegant and appropriate.The best choices are fabrics with synthetic fibers. They don’t wrinkle and help you look your best in any situation.

To properly maintain a simple style, it is worth following some guidelines:

  1. Denim in any color, except the traditional blue, looks interesting and sophisticated;
  2. Underwear should be comfortable and inconspicuous under clothing;
  3. The negligence of the image must be deliberate. The appearance should be kept clean and tidy;
  4. An additional layer of clothing will add convenience and versatility to the chosen combination;

Accessories are an indispensable part of the casual style.They should be chosen carefully so as not to overload the look.


A bold style is suitable for those who are used to breaking the established framework and dictating their conditions to the world around them. The famous Italian designer Nino Cerrutti described Chic Casual as an opportunity to dress incorrectly, to combine inappropriate clothing options. Famous creative people are used to dressing in this particular direction.For a casual Chic look, you should try to combine skirts and sneakers, loose pants from sports collections with a classic jacket, an elongated knitted pullover with a dress, in all combinations it is important to show imagination and creativity.

It is the people who prefer the casual chic style who most often find themselves on the pages of glossy magazines and in photo reports of fashion blogs as examples of the most interesting combinations of street style. Although it happens the other way around, when the combination failed, you can find yourself in the rubric of unsuccessful appearances.


For the image of a business woman, a student of an expensive university and just a true lady from high society, it is worth choosing sets of clothes for everyday life from the Smart category. The format of the items creates a sense of elegance, luxury and sophistication, but does not give out the true value of the owner’s wardrobe items.

The smart style does not have strict rules and restrictions, so it is important to keep the image simple and stick to the classics.The perfect way to add some chic to your outfit is to accentuate your accessories.

The main goal of a smart casual look is to stay chic without losing comfort and convenience. The image is suitable not only for gatherings with friends in a cafe, but also for a free dress code in the office. For example, you can choose a classic suit and replace some of its elements with simpler ones: jeans, a vest, a turtleneck, and so on. Smart casual style is most often formed from simple things and achieves its elegance through well-chosen accessories.


Respect – suitable for office workers, government officials and people who prefer to look respectable even in everyday life. The direction does not welcome carelessness in appearance. Neatness, thoughtfulness and neatness correspond to it.
As suitable colors of things, stylists recommend using neutral, solid shades:

  • Black;
  • Blue;
  • Burgundy;
  • Beige;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;

Rich greens – Respect can be based on a business suit in a classic or simplified version, diluted with unconventional blouses, T-shirts, jumpers, accessories and shoes.Modern fashionable clothing has many options for stylish suits with interesting textures, prints and cuts. Tapered and cropped trousers, branched patterns, a large bright check or unusual burgundy velvet can make any business look suitable for attending the most prestigious parties.

Secrets of an expensive image by age

Each age category, gender and body type has its own peculiarities in the selection of sets of everyday clothes.Despite this, there are general unspoken rules for creating an expensive image from ordinary things.

An expensive look does not always consist of expensive clothes, you can create an exquisite set consisting of wardrobe items bought in an ordinary mass store or at a sale.

The simplest and most common guidelines for creating a luxurious look are:

  1. Preference for light, pastel colors. The best option is to use several shades in one look;
  2. A selection of versatile pieces for a basic set of timeless wardrobe items.These include oversized straight coats, classic jeans, cashmere turtlenecks and sweaters, white and cream shirts, plaid shirts, sneakers, classic suits and much more;
  3. Choosing expensive accessories – saving on bags, glasses, belts and other distinctive elements of your wardrobe means dooming your image to failure in advance;
  4. Special attention to footwear – bright, stylish, expensive footwear can help the most ordinary-looking appearance to become respectable and luxurious;
  5. Selection of underwear inconspicuous through clothing;
  6. White accents – a guarantee of a chic appearance;
  7. A selection of traditional fabric designs: polka dots, plaid, houndstooth or cucumber.If expensive shoes make the image respectable, then the appropriate print creates its sophistication and elegance;
  8. Maintaining the appearance of a thing – the neater, fresher the clothes, the more profitable the appearance will look;
  9. Changing buttons is a simple and effective method to achieve luxury in simple clothes – to change buttons sewn in production for more neat, beautiful and appropriate ones.

Cashmere TurtleneckX Fathoms WatchClassic JeansOversized CoatHermes Men’s


It may seem that for men, style and appearance are not as important as for women. But in fact, a large number of the stronger sex want to be beautiful, fashionable and successful. A well-known saying says that they are greeted by their clothes. Clothing style for men helps in contact with people in the office and outside. The first impression during a meeting after a visual assessment can decide the outcome of a business meeting, and on a date – help to interest the companion.

It is imperative to take into account the correct size of the item when buying, otherwise even well-made combinations will not save you from a fiasco.

To look casual and luxurious at the same time, you need to try to follow the advice of stylists when creating a wardrobe:

  1. An expensive look does not go well with bulky things, so shirts and T-shirts will have to be slim-fit;
  2. The color of the shirts can be any, but the collar must be rigid in order to stand beautifully without a tie;
  3. As clothing for the lower body, it is better to choose straight-cut jeans, as well as chinos in sand or deep blue;
  4. As mentioned above, shoes can create or destroy the whole image, so they should be given special attention and complement the wardrobe with classic models in the form of loafers, oxfords, derby shoes, moccasins and other traditional business-image shoes;
  5. A jacket or blazer will always be a highlight of expensive casual men’s style;
  6. For warm garments, it is better to choose noble fabrics such as cashmere, wool or silk.The size of things should lend themselves to free combination with blazers and other attributes;

The last important point stylists note is minimizing the availability of accessories, the fewer, the better, the more expensive they are, the more sophisticated the combination.

Straight fit jeansSlim fit shirt LoafersOxfordsMoccasinDerby


The choice of casual wear for women is based on the same principles as for men. Elegant pencil skirts and midi-cut dresses, stiletto heels and comfortable sandals are added to the basic clothes. But otherwise, the principle of completing clothes does not change. You can pay attention to the details of women’s clothing and choose an expensive wardrobe of things at affordable prices. A competent housekeeper who wants to look at the highest level knows several details that can give out the true price of an outfit. These include:

  1. Lining on raincoats, jackets and jackets. Evenly sewn, precisely fitted and non-prominent lining is typical only for expensive items;
  2. Seams on dresses and blouses with floral print.If the drawing does not fit evenly, you need to immediately discard the thing, even in the store. Otherwise, the image will look cheap and sloppy;
  3. Casual style for girls who want to look expensive. In the bulk store, you can find budget options: neoprene, tweed, cotton, linen and velvet;
  4. Instead of faux leather, suede is worth considering;
  5. In attire for women 40 years old and other categories who want to declare their status, aristocracy and elegance, you should avoid any lightning, except for the hidden version;
  6. Pointed noses – in classic boats, a newly pointed nose is in vogue, large platforms and roundness should be avoided;
  7. For women in their 50s and those who prefer sophistication, eliminate any hint of sloppiness in their outfit.The best option is to customize the clothes you bought from the atelier or choose the option with a perfectly fitting pattern. A good fit is typical for famous brands, so the combination of clothes will look expensive;
  8. Bags should be without frankly cheap accessories: rhinestones, fringes, embroidery and other features of mass models. Monochrome tones and rigid form will create a true illusion of a branded item.

Cloak Trench Coats Dress Sun Gucci Bags Pencil Skirt


Everyday children’s clothing from several practical options has long turned into its own little fashion world.Teenagers try to completely copy the style of adults, using the same criteria as their parents. But some moms and dads try to dress very little kids in stylish adult kits. Such combinations look fashionable, but a little ridiculous.

Girls’ clothes can fit any size, but childhood provides the opportunity for cute prints, cozy plush and delicate shades. Such an opportunity without consequences in the form of an absurd image falls out only at a young age. A-line dresses, straight, comfortable sundresses and other styles typical for girls are the best choice for a casual look.

Boys can also choose cute clothes with interesting prints and bright colors. As a comfortable clothing, you should pay attention to comfortable semi-overalls and trousers with an elastic band instead of uncomfortable fasteners.
Main criteria for children’s clothing:

  1. Comfortable length;
  2. Clean and bright colors;
  3. High-quality, tactilely pleasant materials;
  4. The print should be liked by the kid;
  5. Low heel on the shoe.

Casual style is the most widespread and popular women’s and men’s clothing for people of any age.It allows you to wear comfortable clothes, stay stylish and fit any event format. The casual style is divided into several different categories, suitable for different temperaments and personal lifestyles. Depending on the chosen direction, it is worth adhering to certain rules. Even simple clothes from a regular mass store will look expensive and fashionable in casual combinations, if you follow the advice of stylists and follow the accuracy of the sets.

A-line dressesStraight sundress



Classification of clothing styles

Classification of clothing styles

How to find your style

The basic styles are classic, romantic and sporty.All other styles are derived from the main ones.

Classic style (conservative) is restrained simplicity in lines, laconic cut. Clothes of this style are attractive for their high quality and quality of materials. Achromatic colors or pastel shades prevail. This is the most unemotional style, everything in it is extremely moderate. Lack of trendy details. Length, width, volumes and proportions are always average, familiar to the eye.

The romantic style of clothing implies the creation of a sublime, sophisticated image.The style is characterized by the use of ruffles, flounces, long dresses in a flying cut. Romantic style men are characterized by vests, scarves, wide-sleeved shirts and romantic hats. The style is inherent in a floral print, as well as delicate pastel colors.

Sports style is characterized by free, movement-free clothing designed for sports and outdoor activities or casual wear stylized as sportswear, which has the attributes inherent in sports equipment.Clothes that are quite bright and dynamic in nature are distinguished by their practicality and convenience.

Casual style – the most widespread and popular style, suggests modern (fashionable) everyday, practical and comfortable clothes. This style can combine elements of other styles, but the distinguishing feature is the comfort and convenience of clothing. There are subdivisions of this style for city casual (urban casual), smart casual (elegant casual), there is also the wording “ business casual “, which rather characterizes the dress code “working Friday”, in fact, the same as smart casual.And one more subtype: sport casual is a casual style with elements of sport, but this style is not for sports.
As an example of the cusual style, we offer some options from the portfolio of our stylists.

Derby – jockey style. The name of the style is named after the English Lord Derby, a big fan of racehorses. The jockey style echoes the outfit of the riders.

Business dress – the main idea of ​​the style is that the clothes do not distract attention from the business qualities of the employee.Business style clothing should be restrained and elegant, but at the same time, unlike conservative style, business style is subject to fashion trends. Lines, shapes, silhouettes, everything should be clear and definite.

Extravagant style in clothes is a very dangerous stylistic direction that requires refined taste and design skills, because it can border on vulgarity. But, at the same time, extravagant style is the engine of fashion.An artistic style in which creative people express themselves, striving to stand out from the crowd, can be considered extravagant. The style is characterized by unusual styles, the use of asymmetry, catchy expressive accents, non-standard details and flashy color combinations.

Erotic style – a style that maximally emphasizes female (or male) gender. Shaped to attract the opposite sex. It is expressed in the most tight, open and defiant clothing.

Ethnic clothing style . This style has incorporated elements of various national costumes. Became popular in 1976 thanks to Yves Saint Laurent.

Minimalism does not mean little, it means nothing more.

Safari style appeared in the 60s. It is predominantly a travel style that borrows elements from tropical military uniforms. A characteristic feature is all shades of sand in clothes and many patch pockets.A light-colored hat with small brim is a symbolic attribute.

Military style . Clothes with elements of a military suit: shoulder straps, epaulettes, patch pockets, lacing, etc. Primary colors: gray-green, olive, khaki.

Colonial style clothing. Similar to the safari style, but in the colonial style there are more retrospective motives. White and fine fabrics are preferred.

Marine style is a resort classic.Special features: a combination of three colors: blue, white and red. Striped print, sailor collar, cropped pleated skirt, and nautical paraphernalia in accessories.

Vamp style is, first of all, a certain image that can be guessed in clothes with bare shoulders and neckline. The predominant colors are black and red. Always bright makeup, red lipstick and heels.

Disco style . 70s club party style.Recognizable by shiny fabrics.

Teddy Gels or Judy’s style – distinctive style details: an elongated jacket, tight pencil skirt, rolled-up jeans, boater hats, miniature brooches, espadrilles and clutches.

Garson style is a men’s style clothing for women. It became widespread in the 20s of the 19th century. on the wave of emancipation. The style is characterized by tuxedos and jackets of a man’s cut.

Oversize-Look – a style in which clothes are intentionally worn several sizes larger than necessary.Was fashionable in the 80s and 90s, Gaultier is dearly loved.

Country style (from the English word country – village) – the rustic style of the American West of the late 19th century. Americans call this style Western (western). Cowboys and farmers style. It features natural terracotta fabrics, jeans, plaid shirts, as well as cowboy hats and boots.

Folklore style (folk style) – clothes stylized to resemble national costumes.The idea of ​​the style is not to completely copy national outfits, but only to borrow certain elements, including them in modern models. Knitting, weaving, patchwork techniques, appliques and various embroidery are widely used. Folk style is comfortable.

Rustic style clothing is a rougher variation of folk and country style. Plain rustic clothing made from coarse natural fabrics

Eco style (Eco style) – the most ancient and natural style of clothing.The style is characterized by the colors of nature: the color of the earth, grass, sand, drawings on fabrics are rather an exception and have floral motives. Fabrics are used only natural, often coarse weave, loose styles.

Gaucho style – the style of the Spanish-Indian herders. Includes a variety of ponchos, shallow-crowned wide-brimmed hats, neckerchiefs and wide leg pants.

Urban chic is the complete opposite of country style.Dense high-quality fabrics, the predominance of strict, laconic details, adherence to modern fashion trends and expensive accessories.

Aviator style – a repetition of the clothes of the first pilots. The main element of the style is an “aviator” jacket with a variety of sports stripes, matching glasses and a pilot’s hat.

Style “New Look” (new look, new image) – the style introduced into fashion by Christian Dior after the Second World War, when everyone was tired of jackets with square shoulders that characterized the military style, lacked the femininity that Dior proposed …The style is characterized by long, puffy skirts, an accentuated waistline and a fitted bodice. At that time, it was something radically new, hence the name of the style.

Constructive clothing style – focuses on the form, design of clothing. Emphasized straight lines, pleating, sometimes hypertrophied geometric lines in a cut are characteristic.

Abundance style is an eclectic style that combines all the incompatible.Has no clear distinction between kitsch. The style was invented by Jean Paul Gaultier. (Kenzo called eclecticism in clothes a diffuse style).

The storey style is characterized by layered clothing, short on top of long. In America, it is called Zvibel (Zwiebel onion) for the Russian mentality, an analogy with cabbage is closer.

Pajama style is characterized by spacious, shapeless pieces that resemble pajama outfits, but are not intended for sleeping.Vertical striped prints are characteristic.

Men’s clothing style – this phrase is used both to define a category of styles accepted in men’s fashion, and for women’s clothing that resembles men’s clothing (for example, garcon style). The classification of styles in clothes is almost completely universal for both women and men, the difference is in the elements of style display. If you want to better understand men’s style, take the online course “Men’s Style”

Art Deco – retro style. Luxurious fabrics, abundance of trimmings, low waist, lack of emphasis on the chest and hips are typical. As well as glass beads, sequins and a long fringe.

Linen style clothes – a characteristic feature of the style in that outerwear resembles openwork underwear. Satin stitch embroidery, cutwork, lace are actively used.

Gothic Lolita style has spread in Japan. It is a mixture of the Victorian girl image (puppet image) and the Gothic style.The predominance of black, white and pink colors. The presence of large bows and corsets.

Vintage style is distinguished by trendy items of the previous generation, at least thirty years ago, original or antique stylized.

Chanel style is elegance and straight lines. Main attribute: straight tweed jacket.

Preppy (short for pre-college) is the style of wealthy ivy league students.Characterized by elegance, classics, high cost and brand or emblem of clothing.

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& Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & iecy; & chcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & colon;
& Ecy; & tcy; & acy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & acy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; & acy; & icy; & ncy; & fcy; & ocy; & rcy; & mcy; & acy; & tscy; & icy; & yacy; & yacy; & vcy; & lcy; & yacy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & yacy; & lcy; & icy; & shcy; & softcy; & tcy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & kcy; & ocy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & scy; & pcy; & rcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & comma; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & dcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; 1-2 & scy; & mcy; & lpar; 0 & period; 4-0 & period; 8 “& rpar; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & lcy; & icy; & chcy; & icy; yacy; & vcy; & rcy; & iecy; & zcy; & ucy; & lcy; softcy; & tcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & icy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy; & vcy; & ucy; & chcy; & ncy; & ocy; & mcy; & rcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & icy; & mcy; & iecy; P & period; 90 & ucy & mcy; ; & ncy; & kcy; & tcy; & tscy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zhcy; & acy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & yacy; & vcy; & fcy; & ocy; & tcy; ; & rcy; & acy; & fcy; & icy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ucy; & tcy; & bcy; & ycy; & tcy; & softcy; & vcy; & icy; & dcy; & ncy; & ycy; & ncy; &cy; & scy; & ie & lcy; & ocy; ; & softcy; & kcy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; & lcy; & icy; & chcy; & acy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & yacy; & vcy; & zcy; & acy; vcy; & icy; & scy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; ; & ocy; & tcy; & mcy; & ocy; & ncy; & icy; & tcy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & icy; vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & acy; & vcy; & icy; ; & softcy; & ncy; & ycy; & jcy; & tscy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & period;

& Ucy; & scy; & lcy; & ocy; vcy; & icy; yacy; & ocy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & t coloncy; & ycy;
& Ocy; & pcy; & lcy; & a cy; & tcy; & acy; & colon; T & sol; T 30 & percnt; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & ocy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & rcy; & acy; & ncy; & iecy; & iecy; & comma; 70 & percnt; & scy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & ucy; & tcy; & vcy; & ycy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & chcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ycy; & dcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & period;

& scy; & rcy; & ocy; & kcy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & colon;
& iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & zcy; 25-40 & dcy; & ncy; & iecy; & jcy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & lcy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ucy; & chcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; 30 & percnt; & dcy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & zcy; & icy; & tcy; & acy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & zhcy; & dcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; PP & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ocy; & vcy;

& Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; [pcy; [rcy] [acy] [vcy] [icy] [lcy] [acy;
Vcy & scy & iecy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ucy; & tcy; & bcy; & ycy; & tcy; & softcy; & scy; & dcy; & iecy; & lcy; & acy; & ncy; & ycy; & pcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & mcy; & tcy; & rcy; & iecy; & bcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & mcy;
1 & rpar; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ycy; & bcy; & iecy; & scy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & ncy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & iecy; & ncy; & acy; & vcy; & acy; & lcy; & ocy; & mcy;
2 & rpar; & bcy; & acy; & zcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ocy; & jcy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & ocy; & rcy; & kcy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & tcy; & rcy; & iecy; & bcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yucy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & chcy; & icy; & kcy; & acy; & ncy; & iecy; vcy; & zcy; & icy; & mcy; acy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & yacy; & Ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & iecy; & tscy; & scy; & tcy; & ocy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & softcy; – 3 & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & vcy; & bcy; & rcy; & iecy; & lcy; & ocy; & kcy; & iecy; & kcy; & ocy; & tcy; & icy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & period; & Ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & iecy; & tscy; & scy; & tcy; & ocy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & softcy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & ncy; & ucy; & tcy; & softcy; & scy; & yacy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & lcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & comma; & kcy; & acy; & kcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & zhcy; & dcy; & iecy; & ncy; & period;
& Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & iecy; & chcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & colon; & vcy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; & yacy; & vcy; & ycy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ncy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & zcy; & tscy; & ocy; & vcy; & colon; 5-7 & dcy; & ncy; & iecy; & jcy; [chcy] [iecy] [rcy] [iecy] & zcy; DHL & comma; TNT & comma; FedEx & comma; UPS 5-10 & dcy; & ncy; & iecy; & jcy; ?????????? EMS

& Ucy; & pcy; & acy; & kcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; & icy; & tcy; & rcy; & ncy; & scy; & pcy; & ocy; & rcy; & tcy; & icy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; & colon;
& Ucy; & pcy; & acy; & kcy; & ocy; vcy; & kcy; & acy; & colon; 1 PC & sol; Polybag & scy; & mcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & icy; & icy; & lcy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & vcy; & iecy; & scy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & tcy; & rcy; & ucy; & bcy; & kcy; & ucy; & vcy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & icy; & icy; & scy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & scy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy;
& Vcy; & icy; & dcy; & tcy; & rcy; & ncy; & scy; & pcy; & ocy; & rcy; & tcy; & icy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & colon; & mcy; & ocy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; & comma; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & dcy; & ucy; & khcy; & icy; & lcy; & icy; express & period;

& Ucy; & scy; & lcy; & ucy; & gcy; & icy; & colon;
1 & period; & mcy; & acy; & scy; & scy; & ocy; vcy; & ocy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ocy; & chcy; & ncy; & ocy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ncy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & softcy; & yucy; & vcy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & icy; & icy; & scy; & dcy; & ocy; & kcy; & ucy; & mcy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ocy; & mcy; & comma; & chcy; & tcy; & ocy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & semi;

2 & period; & Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy; & mcy; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & pcy; & lcy; & yucy; & scy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; & semi;

3 & period; & Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy; & mcy; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & iecy; & kcy; & tcy; & icy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & semi;

4 & period; & Pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & acy; & gcy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & iecy; 100 & percnt; & kcy; & acy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & acy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ucy; & kcy; & tscy; & icy; & icy; & semi;

5 & period; & Scy; & ocy; & khcy; & rcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; vcy; & ncy; & ocy; & iecy; & dcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; & vcy; & ocy; & vcy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; yacy; & semi;

6 & period; & Mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & icy; & zcy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & khcy; & mcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & ucy; & icy; & mcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & ucy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy; & ncy; & acy; & ecy; & tcy; & icy; & kcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & iecy; & icy; & ucy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & acy; [zcy] [acy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & softcy; & mcy; & icy; & semi;

7 & period; OEM & comma; ODM & comma; & icy; & lcy; & icy; & dcy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & iecy; & ncy; & acy; & mcy; & zcy; & ncy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & icy; & dcy; & iecy; & icy; & comma; & iecy; & scy; & lcy; & icy; & ucy; & vcy; & acy; & scy; & ncy; & iecy; & tcy; & dcy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & jcy; & ncy; & acy; & comma; & mcy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & mcy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & vcy; & acy; & scy; & semi;

8 & period; & Ocy; & kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & chcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & lcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; & yacy; & tscy; & iecy; & ncy; & acy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & zcy; & acy; & vcy; & icy; & scy; & icy; & tcy; & ocy; & tcy; & kcy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & acy; & comma; & tcy; & kcy; & acy; & ncy; & softcy; & comma; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & rcy; & comma; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & iecy; & kcy; & tcy; & icy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & icy; & icy; & zcy; & gcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & lcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & period; & Pcy; & ocy; & scy; & lcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & comma; & kcy; & acy; & kcy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ucy; & chcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & rcy; & ocy; & bcy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & tcy; & rcy; & iecy; & bcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & kcy; & rcy; & acy; & scy; & scy; & lcy; & iecy; & dcy; & ocy; vcy; & ncy; & icy; & yucy; & comma; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & iecy; & lcy; & ucy; & chcy; & shcy; & iecy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & tcy; & pcy; & rcy; & acy; & vcy; & lcy; yacy; & tcy; & softcy; & vcy; & acy; & mcy; & kcy; & acy; & kcy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & bcy; & ycy; & scy; & tcy; & rcy; & iecy; & iecy; & period;

& CHcy; & acy; & scy; & tcy; & ocy; & zcy; & acy; & dcy; & acy; vcy; & acy; & iecy; & mcy; ycy; & iecy; & vcy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & scy; & ycy;
1 & period; & Ncy; & iecy; & ocy; & bcy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & ncy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & quest;
& Pcy; & rcy; & icy; & gcy; & lcy; & acy; & shcy; & acy; & iecy; & mcy; & Vcy; & acy; & scy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & iecy; & tcy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & ocy; & fcy; & icy; & scy; & icy; & ncy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & excl; & Ncy; & ocy; & iecy; & scy; & lcy; & icy; & ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & iecy; & gcy; & ocy; & bcy; & yucy; & dcy; & zhcy; & iecy; & tcy; & acy; & comma; & ncy; & iecy; & vcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ncy; & ucy; & jcy; & tcy; & iecy; & scy; & softcy; & comma; & mcy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & mcy; & scy; & dcy; & iecy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & vcy; & scy; & iecy; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & ecy; & lcy; & iecy; & kcy; & tcy; & rcy; & ocy; & ncy; & ncy; & ocy; & jcy; & pcy; & ocy; & chcy; & tcy; & iecy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & tcy; & iecy; & lcy; & iecy; & fcy; & ocy; & ncy; & ucy; & period;

2 & period; & Kcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & yacy; & tcy; & iecy; & kcy; & scy; & tcy; & icy; & lcy; yacy; & sol; & tcy; & kcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & bcy; & ocy; & tcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & scy; & quest;
& Mcy; & ycy; & ncy; & acy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & icy; & mcy; & scy; & yacy; & vcy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & tscy; & iecy; & scy; & scy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & ncy; & yacy; & tcy; & icy; & yacy; & rcy; & iecy; & shcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy; & tcy; & rcy; & icy; & kcy; & ocy; & tcy; & acy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & ycy; & comma; & tcy; & kcy; & acy; & ncy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & ucy; & tcy; & acy; & kcy; & zhcy; & iecy; OK & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & scy; & period; & Ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & ocy; & rcy; & icy; & mcy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & gcy; & lcy; & icy; & bcy; & ycy; & vcy; & ycy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & zhcy; & iecy; & lcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & icy; & period; & Mcy; & ycy; & ncy; & acy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & icy; & mcy; & scy; & yacy; & vcy; & scy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & ocy; & yacy; & ncy; & icy; & icy; & rcy; & acy; & bcy; & ocy; & tcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & scy; & bcy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & shcy; & icy; & ncy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & mcy; & vcy; & icy; & dcy; & ocy; & vcy; & mcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & acy; & lcy; ocy; & vcy; & period;

3 & period; & Kcy; & acy; & kcy; & icy; & iecy; & mcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ycy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & ocy; & rcy; & ocy; & shcy; & ocy; & quest;
& Vcy; & acy; & lcy; & icy; & kcy; & kcy; & lcy; & iecy; & yacy; & comma; & vcy; & ycy; & shcy; & icy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; & icy; & pcy; & iecy; & chcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & comma; & pcy; & ocy; & shcy; & icy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & ycy; & icy; & tcy; & period; & dcy; & period; & dcy; & ocy; & mcy; & acy; & shcy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy;

4 & period; & Mcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ucy; & lcy; & icy; & yacy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ycy; & icy; [zcy] [acy] [tcy] [iecy] [mcy; & pcy; & ocy; & mcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & ocy; & pcy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & jcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & quest;
& Dcy; acy; & comma; & mcy; & ycy; & pcy; & ocy; & ncy; & icy; & mcy; & acy; & iecy; & mcy; & comma; & chcy; & tcy; & ocy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ycy; & khcy; & ocy; & tcy; & yacy; & tcy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ucy; & chcy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ycy; & vcy; & ocy; – & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & comma; & acy; [zcy] [acy] [tcy] [iecy] [mcy; & ncy; & iecy; & ocy; & bcy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & icy; & mcy; & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & ocy; & dcy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & dcy; & acy; & zhcy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & scy; & bcy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ocy; & tcy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & period; & Ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & ncy; & iecy; & yacy; & vcy; & lcy; & yacy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & yacy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & bcy; & lcy; & iecy; & mcy; & ocy; & jcy; & semi; & ocy; & dcy; & ncy; & acy; & kcy; & ocy; & mcy; & ycy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & scy; & icy; & mcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & chcy; & icy; & kcy; & ocy; & vcy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & ncy; & iecy; & bcy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & shcy; & ocy; & jcy; & khcy; & rcy; & acy; & ncy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & ocy; & pcy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & jcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & period; & Ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & ucy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & shchcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ycy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & ucy; & kcy; & lcy; & acy; & dcy; & kcy; & iecy; & ocy; & pcy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & jcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & period;

5 & period; & Mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; vcy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & scy; & iecy; & bcy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & kcy; & lcy; & iecy; & iecy; & kcy; & icy; & lcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & tcy; & icy; & pcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ncy; & acy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & ucy; & quest;
& Dcy; & acy; & icy; & ucy; & vcy; & acy; & scy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; & softcy; & dcy; & vcy; & acy; & vcy; & acy; & rcy; & icy; & acy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy; & colon;
1 & rpar; & Ocy; & tcy; & pcy; & rcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; & ecy; & tcy; & icy; & kcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & icy; & dcy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & jcy; & ncy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & scy; & icy; & mcy; & ycy; & scy; & dcy; & iecy; & lcy; acy; & iecy; & mcy; [zcy] [acy; & vcy; & acy; & scy; & comma; & ncy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & dcy; & ocy; & lcy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ycy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; vcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & mcy; MOQ
2 & rpar; & ocy; & tcy; & pcy; & rcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & gcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ocy; & jcy; & ecy; & tcy; & icy; & kcy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & icy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & scy; & icy; & mcy; & ycy; & icy; & khcy; & ncy; & acy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & iecy; & lpar; & bcy; & iecy; & scy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & ncy; & ocy; & rpar; & comma; & ncy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & dcy; & ocy; & lcy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ycy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; vcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & mcy; MOQ

& Pcy; & ocy; & chcy; & iecy; & mcy; & ucy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & icy; & rcy; & acy; & yucy; & tcy; & ncy; & acy; & scy; & colon;
1 & period; & Mcy; & ycy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & fcy; & iecy; & scy; & scy; & icy; & ocy; & ncy; & lcy; & softcy; & ncy; & ocy; & jcy; & ocy; & dcy; & iecy; & zhcy; & dcy; & ycy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & vcy; & Gcy; & ucy; & ncy; & chcy; & zhcy; & ocy; & ucy; & comma; & Kcy; & icy; & tcy; & acy; & jcy; & period; & Mcy; & ycy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & lcy; yacy; & iecy; & mcy; & ocy; & scy; & ocy; & bcy; & ocy; & iecy; vcy; & ncy; & icy; & mcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yucy; & zhcy; & iecy; & ncy; & shchcy; & icy; & ncy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & yacy; & comma; & fcy; & ucy; & tcy; & bcy; & ocy; & lcy; & kcy; & icy; & comma; & Tcy; & ocy; & pcy; & scy; & comma; & bcy; & rcy; & yucy; & kcy; & icy; & comma; & yucy; & bcy; & kcy; & icy; & comma; & kcy; & ucy; & rcy; & tcy; & kcy; & icy; OEM & icy; ODM & bcy; & ocy; & lcy; & iecy; & iecy; 15 & lcy; & iecy; & tcy;

2 & period; & Vcy; & ycy; & scy; & ocy; & kcy; & ocy; & iecy; & kcy; & acy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & ocy; & icy; & kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & kcy; & ucy; & rcy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ocy; & scy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & ocy; & bcy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & tscy; & iecy; & ncy; & ycy; – & ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & scy; & acy; & mcy; & acy; & yacy; & bcy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & shcy; & acy; & yacy; & kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & kcy; & ucy; & rcy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & icy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & iecy; & jcy; & kcy; & ocy; & mcy; & pcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & icy; & period;

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4 & period; & CHcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ycy; & rcy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ncy; & ocy; & jcy; & lcy; & icy; & ncy; & icy; & icy; & icy; purchashing & gcy; & rcy; & ucy; & pcy; & pcy; & ycy; & scy; 6 & chcy; & iecy; & lcy; & ocy; vcy; & iecy; & kcy; – & pcy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & ncy; & tscy; & icy; & pcy; & ucy; “& vcy; & ocy; – & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & comma; & kcy; & acy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & ocy; & ocy; & bcy; & scy; & lcy; & ucy; & zhcy; & lcy; & ucy; & zhcy; & & vcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & vcy; & ocy; – & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & comma; ” & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & ucy; & dcy; & ocy; & vcy; & lcy; & iecy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & rcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & khcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & icy; & dcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy; & period;

5 & period; & vcy; & ycy; & scy; & ocy; & kcy; & ocy; & jcy; & ucy; & scy; & lcy; & ucy; & gcy; & icy; & dcy; & ocy; & lcy; & gcy; & ocy; & scy; & rcy; & ocy; & chcy; & ncy; & ycy; & khcy; & dcy; & iecy; & lcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ncy; & ocy; & shcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy; – & ecy; & tcy; & ocy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & tscy; & iecy; & lcy; & icy; & period; & Mcy; & ycy; vcy; & scy; & iecy; & gcy; & dcy; & acy; & scy; & ocy; & scy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & ocy; & tcy; & ocy; & chcy; & icy; vcy; & acy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & vcy; & ocy; & icy; & ucy; & scy; & icy; & lcy; & icy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & ncy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & zhcy; & acy; & lcy; & ocy; & bcy; & ycy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & acy; & icy; & vcy; & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & vcy; & ucy; & yucy; & ocy; & chcy; & iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & softcy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & dcy; & iecy; & rcy; & zhcy; & acy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & bcy; & ycy; & scy; & tcy; & rcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & vcy; & icy; & tcy; & icy; & yacy; & ncy; & acy; & shcy; & icy; & khcy; & kcy; & lcy; & icy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & period;

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TEL & colon; & plus; 86-13602481407 & lpar; & Kcy; & ecy; & rcy; & ocy; & lcy; & rpar;
TEL & colon; & plus; 86-20-66601698 EXT812
& Fcy; & acy; & kcy; & scy; & colon; & plus; 86-20-66601699

5 chic options for everyday looks

6 chips in the style of Russians, which seem wild for Europeans

Despite the fact that the brands in Europe and Russia are the same, they produce the same clothes and advertisements are similar – European and Russian women have different understanding of style. The former value, above all, convenience and simplicity. They do not care about how to dress brighter and highlight all their merits at once. It’s just not in their mentality. And we, women from Russia, on the contrary, like to attract attention to ourselves. We love originality in clothes and appreciate it when it emphasizes our character – passionate and lively.

We are talking about 6 fashionable features of Russian women, because of which in the Western world we are called abnormal.

Too deep neckline – Anastasia Volochkova

In fact, according to scientists, among women all over the world, Russian women do not have the largest breasts.Not so long ago, Indian experts attended to this issue and interviewed 342 thousand women from 108 countries. The age of the “carriers” of the busts was from 28 to 30 years old. And only natural breasts were taken into account.

So the Russians took only 40th place. That is, we hold ourselves in the middle – and we do not stand out in large sizes, and nature has not deprived us of small breasts. And many Europeans, on the contrary, can boast of C and D cups.


Maybe that’s why those Russians who have big breasts like to show off? For example, the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova does not miss the moment to show what a gorgeous bust she has.Purely European, so to speak. Or another option – a woman just has something to flaunt, and she is not shy about it.

Handbags with a strange design – Anfisa Chekhova

Everyone who has been to Europe will say for sure that women have an extremely simple taste there. They take on practical black bags that are sure to fit what they need and go with any outfit. But the Russians are women with a twist. Usual tots and clutches bore us. And then we experiment with shape, design and size.


Choice of Anfisa Chekhova – a round bag with a curly face of a girl in glasses and red lipstick. Original, you will not say anything. But not all Europeans will understand the taste of the Russian TV presenter.

Clothes made of translucent fabrics – Oksana Samoilova

Russian women are beauties. We take care of ourselves and our bodies. We regularly go to the gym, beauty salons and do home care in order to love ourselves and provoke men to compliments. So why don’t we show the fruit of our labor?


The wife of rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoilova does not see anything criminal in slightly opening her stomach and showing others her abs.Therefore, tops and blouses made of translucent fabrics are the must-haves of her wardrobe. And let those Europeans who only eat pizza with croissants envy the forms of the Russian fashionista.

Bright print – Natasha Koroleva


Singer Natasha Koroleva is the embodiment of a typical Russian woman who is represented in Europe. She has a curvaceous shape, a pretty face and a clear voice. She also has a typical Russian style of dress. The star loves everything bright and unusual, even if it is no longer in fashion. Therefore, a black polka-dot skirt decorated with scarlet roses is indescribable beauty for her.And no one will convince Natasha that they don’t walk like that now. Or maybe not?

Short mini – Ksenia Borodina


Europeans do not understand the Russian love of mini-skirts. It seems to them that such a fashion is impractical and inconvenient. But in vain! They just didn’t taste it. To make it convenient to bend down in the length of the mini, women from Russia began to wear skirt-shorts or just shorts that visually resemble a skirt. Both stylish and comfortable. Just look at Ksenia Borodina. It seems that the length is extremely short.But it doesn’t look bad, does it?

Stones and rhinestones – Alla Pugacheva


It seems that they know all over the world about who Alla Pugacheva is. The star became famous 50 years ago. And until now, she never ceases to amaze fans. True, Europeans still cannot get used to the style of the singer. They do not understand why Alla needs such a bright wardrobe. After all, rhinestones and stones on clothes are not only ugly today, but also impractical. And there seems to be no point in wearing such decor. But one woman in Europe does not know.Individual style is not always about meaning.

Abnormal Russians – that’s how we are sometimes called in Europe. So be it. We can stand out with our clothes, be bold, not be afraid of the condemnation of the crowd. We also have our own unique style. So what’s wrong with that?

Mini skirt, cutouts and long necklace. What trends from the 60s and 70s should not be ignored this spring

When it comes to fashion trends for spring 2021, this season designers have given a second life to bright nostalgic details from the 60s and 70s.

World designers have looked for inspiration in both decades for their collections, presenting sunglasses with yellow or orange lenses and trendy miniskirts in rich colors. The fashion of the 60s actively returned to the catwalks: in Miu Miu – skirts with a geometric pattern, and in Maisie Wilen – dresses with cutouts. The collections of Dior, Gucci and Kenneth Ize show interest in the retro boho trends of the 70s.

When creating a smart or casual look, think about the things you already own and how you can enhance them with vintage accents.Also, look for timeless accessories to invest in because they will be popular in ten years from now.


A versatile piece from the 60s that can be worn all year round with the right styling. Bright and bold colors are trending this spring. At Miu Miu, low-waisted models are paired with polos, while at Alessandra Rich, a short tweed skirt with a chain belt is complemented by a cropped jacket and ankle straps.


A trend that has become popular thanks to the fact that famous designers have included cut-outs in their collections – from form-fitting dresses to voluminous knitwear. This detail provides the perfect balance of sexuality and femininity. In fresh interpretations, only small cutouts are allowed, which look appropriate and not provocative. Gabriela Hearst has a delicate ivory dress with embroidery and side cutouts, while Chloé has a black jumper paired with a long skirt with a belt.

Skirt sun

A vintage style item that will transform your wardrobe and serve as a chic base for smart and casual looks. This style is especially popular in the warm season in combination with elegant shoes, sandals and ankle boots. Prada suggests pairing a strict midi-length skirt with a sweater and a cut-out golf, while ALA –A offers a crochet style from the 60s with intricate details.

Sunglasses with yellow lenses

Retro frames in the style of the 70s with yellow or orange lenses are back on trend.Such a spectacular accessory will stylishly complement both a trouser suit and images with denim and romantic dresses. At Saint Laurent, fashion glasses are complemented by cycling shorts and a ruffled blouse, while at Tom Ford, aviator glasses with white frames are paired with an animal and floral suit.

Pointed collar

According to Zoereport, this trend has gained popularity even after the presentations of the fall-winter 2020 collections. a snow-white shirt effectively contrasts with a trouser suit in a large cage.

Long Necklace

Chokers from the 90s have been replaced by long necklaces with pendants that embody the chic of the 70s. Chanel has paired pearls with gold chains and gemstones, while Dior combines a minimalist oversized pendant necklace with a sheer lace dress.

Wide leg pants

Free-cut trousers are the main must-have of spring and summer 2021. This basic item is ideal for creating everyday looks.The style from the 60s and 70s has not left the world catwalks for several seasons. Baggy trousers go well with everything from a dress shirt and a brightly colored jumper to a bold crop top and an elongated jacket.