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Vision Glitch Frequency – Eye Care

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie here, so happy to have found this eye forum. I’ve been so desperate lately with my current eye condition.    I’ve been experiencing eye glitches and its getting worse day by day. I don’t really know how to name this condition, I can’t even find similar topics to this online, hence I’m more having a hard time finding what it really is. I’ll try to describe my condition as much as I can. It’s like having that same frequency movement that you see when you try to capture a photo or take a video on tv upclose using your phone. That same frequency movement you see on your phone, is the same frequency movement I’m seeing esp. on my peripheral vision. Though I do experience, waving movement on my central vision but not as much as it my side vision. And the frequency is more visible when I try to align my side vision on a tv screen and on bulb lights. I can see the frequency movement, but when i try to stare on tv or on a bulb light using my central vision, the movement frequency is gone! It only appears on my peripheral vision. I already consulted this condition to 2 eye specialist, 1 with a specialty in retina, but he just laughed at me saying it’s purely strange, and the 2nd doctor also told me perhaps I was just stressed and needed some rest, But after a week of resting, even filed a leave from work, it’s still there.

As for my eye history conditions, I have an astigmatism for about 5 years now, and just diagnosed 3 months ago with Entoptic phenomena (similar from that of eye floaters). Could it be one of the 2 I mentioned caused the frequency movement in my peripheral vision? Or is working in front of computer for 5 years caused my eyes to suffer this way?

I’m considering of having another retina check up this week, see a psychiatrist or neurologist in case the issue has something to do with my brain.

I’m really getting worried about this. I hope to hear some response soon!

Eye disease tracked to a glitch in starburst cells

You know those shaky smartphone videos? Imagine a disease that makes you see everything like that.  Congenital nystagmus causes involuntary eye movements that make it difficult to steadily view objects. In extreme cases, patients are rendered legally blind. Little is known about the debilitating condition, but a team of scientists recently uncovered major clues about its origins.  

Researchers previously suspected that a gene called FRMD7 was involved. After all, seventy percent of nystagmus patients have mutations in FRMD7, which also happens to be primarily expressed in the retina. But no one knew its precise role in nystagmus. 

Enter Botond Roska, a neurobiologist and principal investigator at the Novartis-affiliated Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research. His group discovered that FRMD7 mutations wreak havoc by sabotaging exquisite retinal cells called starbursts (above). Specifically, the mutations interfere with the cells’ ability to decode sideways movement. This finding, published in Neuron, provides critical insight for understanding and potentially treating nystagmus.  

“Nystagmus is a very common disease—affecting 1 in 1,500 people—but it’s still poorly understood,” says Roska. “We’ve now shown that FRMD7 mutations keep starburst cells from doing their jobs.” 

Although there was a clear correlation between mutated FRMD7 and nystagmus, Roska’s group first needed to confirm that the mutation did, in fact, cause nystagmus-like symptoms. To do this, they created genetically-modified mice that lacked functional FRMD7. Surprisingly, these mice didn’t display involuntary eye movements. They had, however, lost the reflex to track horizontal movement, another defining symptom of nystagmus.

Next, Roska’s group identified exactly which cells were affected by the mutation by profiling FRMD7 gene expression in the retina. Across all cell types, they found that only one was expressing FRMD7: starburst cells. 

It’s easy to see how the starburst cell got its name. Many arms radiate from a central body. And these projections play a critical function, connecting with other cells in a neural circuit that processes vision. Starburst cells are known to be essential for deciphering and transmitting information about movement in all directions. Given this role, it wasn’t surprising for starburst cells to be implicated in nystagmus. But, there was something peculiar about the starburst cells in the genetically-modified mice. 

“The starburst cells looked perfectly healthy,” says Roska. “There was no degeneration or failure to connect with neighboring neurons or any other indication that there was something wrong.”  

The researchers had to look at the electrical signals between starbursts and their neighboring motion-detector cells to pinpoint the problem: starbursts could no longer tell left and right motion-detector cells apart. This meant that the mice lacked the reflex to track motion and the ability to distinguish whether an object moved left or right.   

“Starburst cells are a hub for all types of motion-detecting cells, and they learn to distinguish between all of the different types during early development,” says Roska. “These sick starbursts hadn’t learned to distinguish between the left and right motion detectors, so the framework to compute sideways motion was missing.” 

How well these results translate into humans remains to be explored, but the group confirmed a similar link between FRMD7 and starburst cells in primates, suggesting that the visual systems may be comparable. While Roska’s next goal is to further explore FRMD7’s exact role, these results provide a valuable starting point for future nystagmus therapies, as well as the first evidence that a disease can be caused by faulty computation in the brain. 

Learn more about Roska’s research in this press release from the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research. 

Main image: This starburst cell (in green) looks healthy, but its faulty cellular contacts underlie the debilitating retinal disease nystagmus. Image by Botond Roska/FMI

Paup Eye Glitch Camera | Glitchart.com






IT’S BACK!  Well a couple of them at least.  It’s the 2021 run of BPMC PAUP EYE modified digital cameras.  I’m sure there is an app to simulate this by now but ya know what, there is something special about these little 3.1 mp glitch cameras.  There is a certain charm about taking pics on this goofy little thing versus the predictability of snapping pics on your phone.   You snap a pic and there is this excitement of “gee, what the hell is this going to look like?”  I first built one of these back in 2014 and only recently said goodbye to it when my car was stolen for the fourth and final time.  It’s shocking how much use I got out of it over the years.  If you take good care of them they should last you a while.   The results are somewhat unpredictable  however you learn how to work with that unpredictability and take exquisitely strange photos or videos.  So let’s talk about what this camera can do.  Welp, it can TAKE DELIGHTFULLY TWEAKED 3.1mp PHOTOGRAPHS and store them on the supplied memory card.  It can also CREATE EXTREMELY LO-RES VIDEO FILES THAT KICK ASS.  Finally, it can FUNCTION AS A STUDIO CAMERA AND OUTPUT VIDEO VIA COMPOSITE VIDEO.  Guess what?  All three create different visual results when used in combination with the 3 magnet based glitch switches on the front of the camera under the sensor.  Each switch offers you varying levels of corruption from subtle to fully corrupted.


This will be the final run of the PAUP EYE in this form.  I do have more glitch cameras down the pipelines so stay tuned.


Invisibility Eye Glitch Multifix at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

This is an SE port of “Invisibility Eye Glitch Multifix-LE”

Total credit goes to jimkaiseriv “

There are several approaches to fixing the invisibility eye glitch. One is a mesh approach, which works great for the player but not for other
Actors. Another is a scripted approach, which corrects all Actor’s eyes
after an invisibility effect ends, but may cause brief visual disruption
for the player character. 

IsharaMeradin, on 16 Jul 2014 – 9:53 PM, said:
I had to test this.  

Mesh fix:  
— Works for Player without fail
— Does not work on NPCs

Script fix:
— Works immediately on NPCs (cannot see any glitched eyes)
— Works slowly on Player (can see glitched eyes for a few moments)

Why not a dual solution?  Apply the mesh fix for the player and script for the NPC. I couldn’t agree more. This mod applies both fixes: the mesh fix for the
player, and the script fix for every other Actor. There is an MCM which
allows you to configure additional options for the script, including a
hotkey which applies the fix to all Actors within a distance of one
cell. This will correct the issue for any NPC currently experiencing the
glitch, and provides additional compatibility for invisibility effects
added by mods.

Script lag should not be an issue for anyone. There are no scripts which are run constantly. The scripts are attached
to spell effects that cause invisibility, and are triggered when the
effect ends. Besides checking for certain conditions, the only real
thing they do in most cases is call QueueNiNodeUpdate() on the Actor.

Some people report problems with the eye meshes provided by this mod. If you
want the benefit of this fix without the eye meshes, you should delete
the meshes and enable the script fix for the player in the MCM. Details
on what meshes to delete can be found in the comments section.

The scripted fix which can be done by hotkey (can be remapped in MCM) should work on any Invisibility Glitch i.e. any mod that creates vanilla or custom
invisibilty effects should be under the scripted fix by the hotkey.


Use your preferred mod manager to install, or simply copy the files to your Skyrim data folder.





Fully compatible with all spell mods that use the vanilla invisibility
effects. New spells that use new effects will be compatible without a
patch as long as the effect is only applied to the player. New effects
that apply to other Actors will require a patch, or the use of the
configured hotkey.

Fully compatible with eye texture mods, as long as they don’t change the meshes.

May not be fully compatible with characters using the YGNord race, or one
based on it. Testing done by Mr. Dave shows that the meshes used in the
eye fix may cause a bulging eye effect when zooming out, if combined
with this race (see the comments for details). As a workaround, the
meshes this mod adds can be safely deleted, and the scripted fix can be
applied to the player by changing a setting in the MCM. Note that this
issue is not present for Vanilla races, and has not been reported for
other race mods.


Credit mention from original author:

bellywood2206 for the meshes in their mod Eye Glitch Fix.

KingsGambit for their mod Invisibility Glitch – Eyes Fix. The scripts used here are entirely new, but the use of QueueNiNodeUpdate() is based on their approach.

Credit mention from uploader:

I am just an uploader who just converted this amazing mod for Skyrim Special Edition. All credits go to jimkaiseriv.

Glitch glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses | Glasses Gallery

GLITCH Designer Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

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Such a blend of modern materials and manufacture technologies, with the vintage style inspiration, give a unique taste of fashion for the GLITCH frames.

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Making branded and luxury glasses accessible to more people is the goal of Glasses Gallery.

snapchat-lens-effect-in-python/eye-glitch.py at master · burningion/snapchat-lens-effect-in-python · GitHub

import argparse
import cv2
from imutils.video import VideoStream
from imutils import face_utils, translate, resize
import time
import dlib
import numpy as np
parser = argparse. ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument(“-predictor”, required=True, help=”path to predictor”)
args = parser.parse_args()
print(“starting program.”)
print(“‘s’ starts drawing eyes.”)
print(“‘r’ to toggle recording image, and ‘q’ to quit”)
vs = VideoStream().start()
# this detects our face
detector = dlib.get_frontal_face_detector()
# and this predicts our face’s orientation
predictor = dlib.shape_predictor(args.predictor)
recording = False
counter = 0
class EyeList(object):
def __init__(self, length):
self.length = length
self.eyes = []
def push(self, newcoords):
if len(self.eyes) < self.length:
def clear(self):
self.eyes = []
# start with 10 previous eye positions
eyelist = EyeList(10)
eyeSnake = False
# get our first frame outside of loop, so we can see how our
# webcam resized itself, and it’s resolution w/ np.shape
frame = vs.read()
frame = resize(frame, width=800)
eyelayer = np.zeros(frame.shape, dtype=’uint8′)
eyemask = eyelayer.copy()
eyemask = cv2.cvtColor(eyemask, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
translated = np.zeros(frame.shape, dtype=’uint8′)
translated_mask = eyemask.copy()
while True:
# read a frame from webcam, resize to be smaller
frame = vs.read()
frame = resize(frame, width=800)
# fill our masks and frames with 0 (black) on every draw loop
# the detector and predictor expect a grayscale image
gray = cv2.cvtColor(frame, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
rects = detector(gray, 0)
# if we’re running the eyesnake loop (press ‘s’ while running to enable)
if eyeSnake:
for rect in rects:
# the predictor is our 68 point model we loaded
shape = predictor(gray, rect)
shape = face_utils.shape_to_np(shape)
# our dlib model returns 68 points that make up a face.
# the left eye is the 36th point through the 42nd. the right
# eye is the 42nd point through the 48th.
leftEye = shape[36:42]
rightEye = shape[42:48]
# fill our mask in the shape of our eyes
cv2.fillPoly(eyemask, [leftEye], 255)
cv2.fillPoly(eyemask, [rightEye], 255)
# copy the image from the frame onto the eyelayer using that mask
eyelayer = cv2.bitwise_and(frame, frame, mask=eyemask)
# we use this to get an x and y coordinate for the pasting of eyes
x, y, w, h = cv2.boundingRect(eyemask)
# push this onto our list
eyelist.push([x, y])
# finally, draw our eyes, in reverse order
for i in reversed(eyelist.eyes):
# first, translate the eyelayer with just the eyes
translated1 = translate(eyelayer, i[0] – x, i[1] – y)
# next, translate its mask
translated1_mask = translate(eyemask, i[0] – x, i[1] – y)
# add it to the existing translated eyes mask (not actual add because of
# risk of overflow)
translated_mask = np.maximum(translated_mask, translated1_mask)
# cut out the new translated mask
translated = cv2.bitwise_and(translated, translated, mask=255 – translated1_mask)
# paste in the newly translated eye position
translated += translated1
# again, cut out the translated mask
frame = cv2.bitwise_and(frame, frame, mask=255 – translated_mask)
# and paste in the translated eye image
frame += translated
# display the current frame, and check to see if user pressed a key
cv2.imshow(“eye glitch”, frame)
key = cv2.waitKey(1) & 0xFF
if recording:
# create a directory called “image_seq”, and we’ll be able to create gifs in ffmpeg
# from image sequences
cv2.imwrite(“image_seq/%05d.png” % counter, frame)
counter += 1
if key == ord(“q”):
if key == ord(“s”):
eyeSnake = not eyeSnake

A couple days ago, 1sun1spirit taught me the glitch they use to completely remove the eyes of their tiger (and other animals).

Here’s the tiger, for context:

Still need to make that custom Masterpiece… I’ve been sketching more than usual this week, and today’s the last day of my summer program, so I think now is the time to get started.

As 1sun1spirit has told me, this glitch is ridiculously easy but fairly unknown.

So… why not teach y’all how to do it? 😀

What you need:

• The land animal whose eyes you’d like to change

• Another animal that can go both in water and on land (seal, penguin, etc.)

• A buddy

Step 1: Go with your buddy to their den.

Step 2: Switch to the animal whose eyes you’d like to change. 

Step 3: Switch to your land/water animal at the same time as your buddy switches dens. 

You can do this easily by asking your buddy to count down to when they switch their den (3, 2, 1, GO!) and quickly clicking your land/water animal the same time as the switch.

Step 4: On your screen, you will see your land/water animal. On your buddy’s screen, they will see your land animal.

Switch your land/water animal’s eyes to the closed eyes. Your land animal does not have the closed-eye option, so your friend will see your land animal without eyes.

Step 5: Refresh your browser, and abracadabra, your eyes are gone!

Don’t be scared, though– you can easily get your eyes back. Just switch your eyes as normal and they’ll be back.

I love this glitch a lot– its easiness reminds me of all the skyway glitches that were patched a long time ago. Let’s hope this one stays– it’s so fun! :’)

Before I go, here’s something I don’t normally do:

I’m looking to trade all the items on my trading list for an Alpha Training Mat

This is my last resort– I’ve been going through servers for hours this week trying to find at least one person willing to trade, and I can’t. 

I’d say my list is overpay– my Gecko Plushie was last seen around early 2013 and unlike the orange one, cannot be won in The Forgotten Desert.

If you have an Alpha Training Mat and would like my trading list in exchange for it, send me a Jam-a-Gram or comment down below.

Thank you!

90,000 Flashes in the eyes – causes and treatment. Affordable prices, modern clinic in Moscow.


  1. Causes of occurrence
  2. Treatment

Flashes of light in the eyes are an imaginary sensation in which it seems to a person that he sees luminous images of various shapes (lightning, spots, balls of different colors).

This is a symptom characteristic of some diseases and conditions of the eyes, but sometimes it can accompany general pathological conditions of the body.Very often, the appearance of flashes is combined with the appearance of flying flies in front of the eyes. As a rule, this happens when there are disorders in the retina of the eye.

Causes of occurrence

In different cases, flashes in the eyes can be either a completely harmless manifestation of ordinary eye fatigue, or an indicator of serious problems that require immediate medical attention. Experts refer to the reasons for their occurrence:

Posterior vitreous detachment .The gel-like substance that fills the center of the eyeball and attaches to the retina is called the vitreous humor. With age, it begins to shrink and gradually peel off from its original place. In places of attachment, the vitreous body pulls back the retina, which causes flashes of light in the eyes. This symptom occurs when the eyes move, is not dangerous and does not require special treatment. However, posterior vitreous detachment is a diagnosis that requires dynamic observation by an ophthalmologist.Indeed, a harmless manifestation sometimes masks a more formidable condition – retinal detachment, which, without timely medical assistance, can lead to irreversible blindness.

Retinal detachments and breaks . In some cases, flashes of light before the eyes indicate the onset of retinal detachment. It is especially worthwhile to be wary if these symptoms occur after serious physical exertion or severe stress. With retinal detachment or tears, flashes of light are usually accompanied by the appearance of a veil in front of the eye against the background of a sharp decrease in vision.Retinal detachment requires urgent specialist intervention and hospitalization of the patient.

Migraine . Visual symptoms often precede headache attacks in migraine patients. At the same time, flashes of light can look like bright zigzag lines, geometric patterns or myriads of sparkles. They usually appear along the periphery of the visual fields, in one or both eyes. True, light flashes of light can occur in the eyes and outside of a headache attack.This condition is called ocular migraine. His treatment should be dealt with by a neurologist.

Vascular diseases. These include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc. Often, with common chronic vascular pathologies, people note the periodic appearance of flashes before their eyes in the dark or with their eyes closed. This is due to short-term spasms in the vessels and a violation of the blood flow in the retinal tissue.

Tumors in the occipital lobe of the brain .In this case, the flashes of light are constant, have a different color and shape.

Inflammatory processes of the mesh and choroid. Eye diseases such as retinitis and choroiditis can be accompanied by flashes of light in front of the eyes. However, with them, there are additional symptoms that indicate precisely inflammation, despite the fact that both diseases are painless: this is a deterioration in vision and blurred objects.

Injury to eyes or head. In this case, flashes in front of the eyes are felt at the moment of impact – injury.

Toxic effect on the body . For example, an overdose of certain drugs or narcotic drugs often leads to flashes of light in front of the eyes.


Usually, flashes of light in the eyes, as a symptom, occur once, no longer repeating. True, in the case of posterior vitreous detachment, flashes of light in the eyes can disturb the patient at different intervals, but they do not pose a threat and do not require special treatment.In other cases, to fix the problem, it is imperative to go through diagnostics and find out the cause of its occurrence. For example, with inflammation of the retina and choroid, flashes in the eyes completely disappear after the treatment carried out by an ophthalmologist.

Although very often it is not an ophthalmologist who deals with the treatment of flashes in the eyes after an examination, but a neurologist, endocrinologist or therapist. But it is better to come to an appointment with an ophthalmologist first. This is understandable, because the most urgent condition when this symptom occurs is retinal detachment, which threatens complete loss of vision.It is she who must be excluded when flashes occur in the eyes. And only then methodically engage in the search and elimination of other reasons that led to this unpleasant phenomenon.

In our clinic, each patient has the opportunity to undergo all the necessary diagnostic procedures without tedious queues at a convenient time for him. And also consult with a highly qualified specialist on all profile issues of interest to him and, if necessary, receive timely medical assistance.

Eye pressure: signs, symptoms, measurement. Will drops help?

Ocular hypertension means your intraocular pressure (IOP) is higher than normal. In the absence of treatment, in some cases, increased intraocular pressure can lead to glaucoma and irreversible loss of vision.

However, some people may have ocular hypertension without developing any adverse effects on the eyes or vision as determined by a comprehensive eye exam and field test.

The researchers estimate that up to 9.4 percent of people aged 40 and over have increased intraocular pressure, and this condition occurs 10-15 times more often than primary open-angle glaucoma, the most common type of glaucoma.

How do you know if you have ocular hypertension?

You will not be able to diagnose hypertension yourself because it does not have any external symptoms such as eye pain or eye redness It can only be diagnosed by an ophthalmologist.

During a comprehensive eye examination, the optometrist will measure your IOP and compare it with the norm. Intraocular pressure readings of 21 mm Hg. Art. (millimeters of mercury) or higher usually indicates ocular hypertension.

Imagine that your eye is swollen from the pressure, like a ball, and then you can better understand why it is so important to control ocular hypertension. Too much or constantly increasing pressure creates tension within the eye, which can damage the delicate optic nerve of the eye, causing glaucoma.

What are the causes of increased intraocular pressure?

The factors causing or associated with ocular hypertension are almost the same as the causes of glaucoma. For example:

Overproduction of intraocular fluid

Intraocular fluid is a clear fluid produced by a structure within the eye located behind the iris called the ciliary body. Intraocular fluid flows through the pupil and fills the anterior chamber of the eye (the space between the iris and the cornea).

Its outflow from the eye is carried out through a structure called the trabecular meshwork at the periphery of the anterior chamber at the junction of the cornea and iris. If the ciliary body produces too much fluid, the pressure in the eye increases, causing ocular hypertension.

Insufficient outflow of intraocular fluid

If the outflow of intraocular fluid from the eye is too slow, the normal balance of its production and drainage is disturbed, causing increased ocular pressure.


Some drugs can have side effects, in some cases causing ocular hypertension. For example, steroid drugs used to treat asthma and other conditions have been shown to increase the risk of developing ocular hypertension. If you have been prescribed steroids for any reason, talk to your optometrist to find out how often you should have your IOP checked.

Injury to the eye

Injury to the eye can affect the balance of intraocular fluid production and outflow, which can lead to ocular hypertension.This can sometimes happen months or years after the injury. During your routine eye exam, be sure to tell your optometrist about any eye injuries you have recently or in the past.

Other eye conditions

Ocular hypertension has been linked to a number of other eye conditions, including pseudoexfoliative syndrome, pigment dispersion syndrome, and corneal arch. If you have any of the above, your optometrist may recommend more frequent eye exams and intraocular measurements. pressure.

Race, age, and family history also play a significant role in the risk of ocular hypertension and glaucoma. Although anyone can develop high eye pressure, African Americans, people over 40, and people with a family history of ocular hypertension or glaucoma are most at risk.

According to some studies, people with thinner central corneas may also be at higher risk of ocular hypertension and glaucoma.

Treatment of ocular hypertension

If your ophthalmologist diagnoses you have ocular hypertension, they may prescribe eye drops to reduce intraocular pressure.

Because these medications can have side effects, some optometrists prefer to monitor your IOP and only take action if you have other signs of developing glaucoma.

In some cases (or if the eye drops are ineffective in lowering IOP), your optometrist may recommend other treatments for glaucoma, including surgery to treat increased intraocular pressure.

At least because of the increased risk of glaucoma with ocular hypertension, you should measure your IOP frequently to monitor your condition.

Page published in November 2020

Page updated June 2021

Gluck’Oza: “I haven’t given a single beauty injection yet” – Beauty

Face-building is a gymnastics for the face, which is considered almost a substitute for botox. Singer Gluck`oZa is seriously engaged in this gymnastics and shares with WomanHit.ru with its system of daily exercises, as well as life hacks to preserve youthful skin.

Today young girls, without hesitation, inject themselves with botox and hyaluronic acid to stop the aging process of the skin. But at the same time, they do not understand that they are literally addicted to the needle. I have been observing such victims of beauty for several years now and I am horrified, because this leads to serious consequences: not all gels are suitable, and, as a result, the skin becomes bumpy, some of the components do not dissolve.And it happens that drugs are injected badly, and all this is visible. At some point, the consequences can be dire: the opposite effect is obtained – 30-year-olds look 40. I have not yet received a single beauty injection. All you see is Mother Nature and my little secret – facial exercise. I have been doing this for over a year and a half and I can say that the effect is simply stunning. Most importantly, face building prolongs youth, but does not change your face, unlike beauty injections.

There are exercises for different muscle groups. For example, eye exercises are especially relevant for those who use a computer. When I work on set, camera flashes have a detrimental effect on the eyes, and here gymnastics for the eyes is simply irreplaceable! Also, a very important part of the face is the mouth and the skin around the mouth. In this area, age-related changes quickly become visible: wrinkles, creases.

A daily set of exercises takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Facebook building is also convenient because you can do it even if you have makeup on and, for example, you are driving somewhere.But it is advisable to do gymnastics before applying makeup, then you will not lubricate the makeup, since in some exercises you need to touch your face. And remember: no amount of gymnastics will make you younger if it doesn’t become a system, just like going to the gym.

Gymnastics for the face from Gluck`oZy

Exercise for the forehead

With two index fingers, press your eyebrows and hold them, while trying to make a surprised face. The forehead should not wrinkle.

Another exercise for the forehead: we connect our palms with a house and press on the forehead above the eyebrows. We bulge our eyes ten times. At the same time, we also keep our forehead and do not let it wrinkle.

Exercise for the eyes

Close your eyes tightly and sharply open them, as if you were frightened. Repeat ten times. Do not be afraid that the skin around the eyes wrinkles a lot – the vessels, blood circulation should work well, like the skin. It is blood circulation that restores youth, the correct complexion and creates the necessary frame: your muscles will hold your skin.

Exercises for the mouth

Make the mouth with a straw. Then from this tube we open our mouth wide and again make a tube. It is important that during the exercise there was a feeling as if you had been chewing gum for a long time, to the point that your cheekbones begin to tighten. Thus, the muscles that hold the cheeks must be pumped.

Draw a circle with closed lips, try to draw a circle with your mouth as large as possible.

Tightly tuck your lips inward and squeeze them, and then try to smile in this position.A gorgeous exercise, after which a natural blush may even appear on the cheeks.

Warm up for the skull

Warm up the muscles of the head near the forehead. This makes us wake up and starts the body. Also very good for scalp circulation.

Exercise for the ears

Massage the ears and earlobes, and then try to move them. At the same time, do not move your eyes and other parts of the face – only your ears.

For the neck

The neck often gives away the woman’s age.She needs special care. Try to raise your head as much as possible and extend it like a turtle from a shell, raising your chin as high as possible.

For the chin

Press the lips inward, as you usually do after you have painted them. Do it with effort.

Start all exercises with ten repetitions, gradually increasing the load up to twenty times daily.

Antistress complex

Often after long flights or long work I need to look good.Therefore, I have developed a complex for myself, which I called “anti-stress”. It is a great addition to facial gymnastics.

Contrast shower and headstand

Contrast shower, washing, sports – anything that makes the vessels work is also good for the skin.

Another advice: stand on your head, if you have no contraindications, it improves blood circulation and complexion.

Ice cubes with chamomile

The secret of youthful skin is frozen chamomile cubes.Refreshes and removes the mesh from the face. Cubes can be bought ready-made or made by yourself. Brew chamomile tea, you can add mint there to have a slight chill effect. Cool and freeze with cubes. Wipe your face as needed. Better in the morning. This recipe is suitable for both women and men (eg after shaving).

Eye spoons

Put two spoons in the refrigerator for a while to cool. Then follow these steps: hold them to your eyes for a few seconds and remove.Be careful not to overdo it and catch a cold in your eyeball.

thiamine bromine. ointment – Technology of dosage forms

Rp .:
bromidi 0.5%

Eye ointment right
eye 2 times a day,

conditions, manufacturing technology of eye
and dermatological ointments.Justify
specific requirements for
regulatory documentation, to the basics
for eye ointments. What type of ointment has
place in this case? Write your passport
written control. State your
ideas about directions
improvement of ophthalmic medicinal

gl to ointments, in addition to general requirements (uniformity
drug distribution, indifference and
durability of the base), present a number of
will complement the requirements: the ointment base is not
must contain any outsiders
impurities, must be neutral,
sterile, evenly distributed
on the mucous membrane of the eye; ocular
ointments must be prepared in compliance
conditions of asepsis; LP in GL ointments should
be at the optimum
dispensability to avoid damage
mucus membrane.

there is practically no preparation of eye ointments
differs from dermat technology
ointments. Mortars, pestles, and other inventory
b. sterile.

for main ointments along with the absence
irritating effect should have
good spreading ability and
hydrophilicity, ensuring compatibility
with lacrimal fluid.
melting the base d. 32-33 gr.

in this case, the type of ointment is emulsion.

PPK side:

total = 10 g

tiam br = 0.5 * 10: 100 = 0.05

main = 10-0.05 = 9.95

Water = 0.05 * 0.6: 1 = 0.03 (
2 drops)


bromide 0.05
water 2 drops
base 9.95

ophthalmic LF: for filtering, dosing,
packaging, sterilization of eye drops
developed small-sized,
high-performance, reliable,
easy-to-use devices and
devices.Quality and efficiency
ophthalmic LF improves upon implementation
new more advanced auxiliary
c.It is necessary to develop adequate
express control methods.

90,000 TOP-6 bugs and glitches that ruined video games

There is no perfect software in the world, bugs and glitches slip through here and there. This is especially true for video games, since it is in them that the players are presented with freedom of action, which is not always taken into account by the developers. Crashes can be so unexpected and silly that they can even ruin the game.Below are several examples of this kind.

1. Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity was the first game developed for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 console generation. Paris in the 18th century is visually stunning. Unfortunately, by the time the hot season began, the game had run out of steam.

Bugs and glitches in were all over the place, but worst of all, the faces of the main characters were simply intimidating.Occasionally, the character was skinless, revealing eyeballs and teeth floating in space. In other cases, the faces were distorted and looked like something out of a horror movie. In any case, it was difficult to concentrate on the game when the mistakes were so obvious. Ubisoft eventually came to terms with this, but only until gamers were horrified by viewing screenshots and videos.

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is an impressively massive fantasy game.Its mechanics are deep, the writing is top notch, and the characters are endlessly fun. One of the best parts of the game is that you get to know the characters as you progress through the game, as they often communicate with each other. Well, or at least they should.

Due to the fact that the players dubbed the game “magic glitch” , your team may stop communicating with each other. You can hear conversations during videos, but this can change at any time. The only way to know if you have suffered from such errors is to realize that you did not hear anything from your team at the time.This tricky little glitch makes the game a lot less awesome and fun. And it looks like the only way to get rid of it is to start from scratch.

3. Aliens: Colonial Marines

This game from 2013 is not entirely successful (just check the disastrous result at metacritic ), but that does not mean that it should not be played. Maybe you’re just out of luck. In some parts of the game, you will have to run to escape from giant alien xenomorphs.And if there is a glitch, you will not be able to do it. And the glitch is that the alien attacks one member of your team and repeatedly throws him to the ground, which makes him useless until you bring him back to life. As soon as he comes to life, the alien does it again. And again. And again. It is possible, of course, to overcome this, if there is time. But who has it?

4. Pokémon Red / Blue

The original pair of Pokémon , released in the US in 1998, had one major flaw.If you followed a strict sequence of actions, then you came to the existence of a Pokémon named MissingNo.

This was tempting for players who wanted to follow the game’s catch-them-all slogan, even though Missing # was not created for that. If you come across MissingNo, then you did something wrong. First, the sixth item in your inventory will be repeated many, many times. Then some parts of the game will start to look boring. As a result, the saved file will be damaged, which means that you will lose dozens of hours that you spent on the game.No Pokémon is worth it.

5. Viewtiful Joe 2 demo

If you think losing a saved file sounds rude, read this. There used to be a magazine called PlayStation Underground , which came out along with demo discs of upcoming games. Magazine “ Holiday 2004 Demo Disc ” gave players a glimpse of the game Viewtiful Joe 2 . The problem was that if you tried to load a save while you were playing the demo, your entire memory card was erased.All the time spent on the game was destroyed overnight. Sony e-mailed subscribers to remove their memory cards before playing the demo, but the advice came too late for some unlucky players.

6. Guitar Hero 2

If you think it is a bad idea to keep a memory card in its entirety, thank you for still playing on your console. Players affected by Xbox 360 update for version Guitar Hero 2 were not so lucky.

The update was supposed to fix some issues that players experienced with guitar controls. Unfortunately, this only led to a freeze and a gradual lack of communication between players. Hi Red Ring of Death . Goodbye, Xbox 360.

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